Celtic Goddess Danu Symbolism

Celtic Goddess Danu Symbolism

The Celts were highly spiritual people who were fascinated with the world of divinity. As such, they created a long list of gods and goddesses, each representative of specific natural phenomena. Every one of these deities was important, and thus revered, by all Celts, but the most ancient and praised of all is certainly the goddess Danu.

With a plethora of meanings, such as knowledge, teacher, wisdom, abundance, and wealth, her name brought her attention from the beginning. She is so ancient, in fact, that some references even consider her to be both the original god AND goddess, acting as the truly all-encompassing divine being. Danu is both the matriarch of deities and the essence of feminine energy, as she is capable of taking the form of maiden, mother, crone and divine lady.


Origins Of Goddess Danu

Danu’s origins are associated with the Tuatha de Dannan, the royal family of Celtic gods and goddesses. The name of this family translates to mean, “The Children of Danu”; fittingly, she is the matriarch, but not the biological mother of all of the gods. This family have been believed to be the ultimate wise ones since the most ancient of times.

Members of the Tuatha de Dannan are believed to be shape shifters who escaped the invading Gaelics, transforming into the fairy folk before taking Ireland back for its people. Danu was essentially the head ambassador in this sense. The actions of Goddess Danu during this tumultuous and historic time led to her ascension as the first “Great Mother of Ireland”. By acting as both a divine Creator and Protector, she has continued to hold that title.

Goddess Danu Symbol Meanings

Goddess Danu is a strong symbol of female strength and power. She embodies such traits as fertility, growth, abundance, agricultural bounty, and a sense of nurturing the land. Also, the moon is known to be indicative of female properties across many cultures, meaning Danu the Mother was most certainly lunar in spirit. Danu was a lover of all life and was thus portrayed quite frequently with animals. In particular, she was associated with horses, seagulls, and fish, all of which move in free-flowing ways. This goddess was also symbolized in the physical elements, such as flowing bodies of water, air, wind, and the Earth, while her regal nature shined thrown depictions of crowns.

This goddess’s lunar and Earthly connections combine to make her a ruler of water. Within this realm, she holds the almighty powers of the divine flow. She can remove blockages for us (both physically and symbolically) or can create them to teach us a lesson. However, she is not a cruel goddess. Danu hopes for us to learn and often allows water symbols to flow into the greater body of the sea in order to inspire us to follow our dreams no matter how intimidating the end of the tunnel may seem.

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Goddess Danu Personality Traits

Goddess Danu encompasses all natural elements, embodying specific energy forms dependent on the situation. She is incredibly versatile and teaches each of us to embrace the different aspects of ourselves. By doing this, we allow ourselves to uptake a new attitude in life, respecting diversity and spreading this tolerance to others around us. No matter which form Danu takes, her main goal as a mother and great power is to remind us that we are in charge of our own paths. The life that each of us desires is within our grasp: we need only make the right decisions in order to follow the correct path.

This sovereign goddess reminds us that we are worthy of more than we think and are extremely capable of realizing our greatest dreams. We may stumble and fall, but Danu tells us not to be discouraged. Innately, we know the highest and truest of truths: we need only open our hearts and minds and listen to our souls speaking to us. When we focus on that, and her messages of love, intellect, embracing change, introspecting, and ultimately gaining wisdom, we take yet another step in the right direction.

The ancient Celts recognized that she was a solid mother figure to put their faith in. With the knowledge of all divine, alchemical, natural, and cosmic forces, the goddess Danu is willing to share her “secrets” and assist anyone who is willing in gaining a sense of the universal wisdom.

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