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What Your Hair Color Says About You?

What does Your Hair Color Says About You?

Is it true that redheads are hot-headed? Do blondes have all the fun? Are brunettes smart and good girls? Is any of this true about hair color?


Hair Color & Stereotypes

There are many stereotypes about different things but some of them are rooted in truth. So what about hair color –  is there some truth about these stereotypes?

Redheads are often perceived as fiery, feisty, and opinionated. But there are also jokes about them being unwanted and unattractive. “I am going to beat you like a redheadedstepchildd.” They are also thought to be creative, seductiv, and passionate. Are any of these things true?


I happen to think they are myths. I have met intelligent blondes as well as some air-headed brunettes. And so many women dye their hair nowadays so who even knows what their real hair c?oAre. Are the stereotypes based on a person’s real color or the color they choose?

Do blondes have more fun?

Do blondes have more fun? Maybe if you believe it you can make it come true. Some researchers believe this to be true. I however am not so sure! Women say that they feel sexier as a blonde. Other myths: gentlemen prefer blondes! Nope, studies show that ally prefer brunettes – well at least the majority of them do!


Most women prefer dark-haired men so I guess the tall, dark, and handsome stereotype holds true. Also are blondes dumb? This myth does seem to be just a myth because most people think that blondes are just as smart as anyone else. Although some employers have said that if it came down to color choice they would choose a brunette over a blonde, studies show that there is no actual difference in intelligence due to hair color.

Hair Color & Personality

Brunettes are supposedly less stressed than the rest.

But interestingly enough, people’s perceptions do seem to be influenced by the typical stereotypes and many people assume that if you are blonde you are an airhead and if you are a redhead you are moody. Research does show that redheads are more sensitive and have lower pain and stress tolerance. Medical evidence has shown that they need higher doses of pain medications and anesthesia. So some things may result from hair color.


Black-haired women are considered to be deep thinkers who are good with money. Brunettes are supposedly less stressed than the rest. Who knows if either of these ideas are true but statistically, blondes do get married at a younger age and divorced more often.

Blonde hair and red hair is more rare than brunettes. Only 10% of the population is naturally blonde while 2-5% are naturally red heads. So people dye their hair these colors to stand out.

What does Your Hair Style say about You?

Other interesting thoughts about your hairstyle according to Cosmo: if you like to wear your hair wild and free and run your hands through it then you are a carefree personality. You’re relaxed about life, love, and sex. You are happy to try new things and don’t care about getting messy in bed!

Most women prefer dark-haired men

If your hair is always styled then that shows that you like to be in control even in bed! Women who like to wear their hair in a ponytail are surprisingly bold in bed. They like sex fast and furious so they could learn to slow down a bit.

But pulling your hair back rather than hiding behind it indicates self-confidence. If you throw your hair into a bun you crave male attention and glamor in the bedroom. A guy may think you are high maintenance so make sure you let him know you are capable of so much more.

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Hairstyles and hair colors can be a fun way to express yourself. They mean a lot to a person or even create ideas in other people of what type of person you are.

People tend to judge others too much or even believe in stereotypes. But the bottom line is who you are, is determined by you.

What is most important is who you are on the inside not the outside. And the way we look on the outside does not determine who we are on the inside.

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