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Hummingbird Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Hummingbird Animal Totem Symbolism

The Hummingbird animal totem appears in our life as a power animal. It reinforces the need to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and to take part in that which is going on about us.

All too often we can forget that our lives can bring an abundance of joy and happiness. Hummingbird calls us to drink deep of the nectar of life, rather than forgoing such pleasures.
The Hummingbird symbol therefore calls upon us to embrace love about us, to open your heart and to strengthen your connection with the love of the people in your life.

Hummingbird Associated Traits

Enjoyment of life, lightness in the face of trouble, being present in our lives, mindfulness, a strong independence, playfulness, lifting negativity, quickness of response, ability to travel great distances with ease.


Symbolic Meaning Of Hummingbird

The Hummingbird spirit guide is also known for its swiftness and agility in navigating the world. No barriers are swift enough to intercede in her path.

We can watch her glide with ease, showing complete command of the airy realm in which she lives. Hummingbird in our lives can impart this ability to us, and allow us to soar fast and free in our world.

Thus the hummingbird meaning also expresses itself as adaptability, the ability to flit from one mood to another without hesitation. It helps us to accept change, to take new situations and circumstances into account with a flit of our emotional wings. Hummingbird, as such, will enable us to dodge through negativity in our lives, leaving it spiraling in the wake of our flight.

The Hummingbird spirit guide also burns immense amounts of energy in its travels. She as such is capable of accomplishing great things on the heat of this expenditure. However, it also brings with us the wisdom of resting frequently, to allows ourselves to face our emotional and spiritual tests with bursts of movement, and periods of rejuvenating rest.

Mayan Zodiac Sign


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This is well indicated by the hummingbirds ability to become unerringly still during the night’s passage, seeming to die in the darkness. When light comes again, it bursts into life, bathing in the suns glorious warmth and continuing to pursue its ambitions with restored vigor.

Their tie to eternal life and resurrection can also be seen in the pattern its nearly invisibly fast wings move. The symbol of the infinite can be found in their wing beat. It drives them forward throughout life, drinking in it’s beauty while bringing messages of hope and celebration into the lives of those it touches.

The final lesson of Hummingbird symbolism is efficiency, and the dangers of wasting our energy. Know that there are things in your life that are unnecessary, but will clog your mind and purpose if allowed to do so.

Fear, worry, anger, all of these are massive consumers of energy, and will encourage us to waste that energy by dwelling on them. Be as the Hummingbird, dropping off all that which is unnecessary that your energy may be more wisely used.

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