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Hummingbird Spirit Animal Totem Meaning – Is It A Good Omen?

Hummingbird Spirit Animal Meaning – Discover its Symbolism

The Hummingbird Spirit Animal appears in our lives as a power animal. It reinforces the need to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. We should take part in that which is going on about us.


All too often, we can forget that our lives can bring an abundance of joy and happiness. Hummingbird calls us to drink deep of the nectar of life rather than forgo such pleasures. The Hummingbird totem, therefore, calls upon us to embrace love about us. Open your heart and strengthen your connection with the respect of the people in your life.

Hummingbird Associated Traits

Enjoyment of life, lightness in the face of trouble, being present in our lives, mindfulness, staunch independence, playfulness, lifting negativity, quickness of response, and the ability to travel great distances with ease.


Hummingbird Power Animal

When you lose focus in life, you should summon the Hummingbird power animal. This way, you will have a guide on how to get back in the right direction. Never take life for granted when you can do something about the same. Mostly listen to your instincts and do as they tell you. Life will test you in many ways, but you should never give up.

Seeing a Hummingbird in your life is a sign that great things will manifest in your life. You need to trust in yourself and your abilities. Do the things that make you happy even when faced with challenges. The obstacles in your life should make you stronger and wiser in all you do. You need the Hummingbird’s strength to overcome the challenges in your life.


You are being advised to call the Hummingbird spirit when you feel unable to control your emotions. Do not let your emotions get the better of you. Emotions can drive you into doing things that will not go well with you in your life. Use Hummingbird medicine to fill your soul and help you in the right direction in life.

Hummingbird symbolism is associated with joy, happiness, peace, and fulfillment. Always summon this bird when you feel like you are losing it in life. Hummingbird Spirit Animal

Symbolic Meaning Of Hummingbird Totem

The Hummingbird spirit guide is also famous for its swiftness and agility in navigating the world. No barriers are swift enough to intercede in her path.


We can watch her glide with ease, showing complete command of the airy realm in which she lives. Hummingbird totem in our lives can impact its ability to us. At the same time, allows us to soar fast and free in our world.

Hummingbird Totem And Meanings

Thus the hummingbird meaning also expresses itself as adaptability, the ability to flit from one mood to another without hesitation. It helps us to accept change. We take new situations and circumstances into account with a flit of our emotional wings. Hummingbirds, as such, will enable us to dodge negativity in our lives.

The Hummingbird totem also burns immense amounts of energy in its travels. She, as such, is capable of accomplishing great things in the heat of this expenditure. However, it also brings with us the wisdom of frequently resting to allow ourselves to face our emotional and spiritual tests with bursts of movement and periods of rejuvenating rest.

It is evident by the hummingbird’s ability to become unerringly still during the night’s passage. It seems to die in the darkness. When the light comes again, it bursts into life. Consequently, bathing in the sun’s great warmth and continuing to pursue its ambitions with restored vigor.

Their tie to eternal life and resurrection can also be seen in the pattern its nearly invisibly flying wings move. The symbol of the infinite is evident in their wing beat. It drives them forward throughout life. It drinks in its beauty while bringing messages of hope and celebration into our lives. The hummingbird is undoubtedly a sign of good luck.

The Hummingbird Totem In Dreams

When you dream of the Hummingbird, know that positive things will start happening in your life. It is a sign that positive energies surround you, and you need to take advantage of them same. Keep your thoughts positive, and always remain optimistic amid challenges and trials. Have faith in yourself and trust that you are strong enough to handle anything the universe throws at you.

Seeing the Hummingbird in your dreams is also a sign that good luck will soon take over all aspects of your life. Stop enjoying the little things in life. Do not worry about the things that you have no control over. Dreaming of this bird is also a sign that you need to commit to a relationship. Accept the people in your life who are after making you happy.

You love your freedom, but it has reached a point where you need to allow love into your life. Learn to adapt and find the right partner that you will connect with. Take time to make the right decision. Also, take time to know yourself better.

Dreaming of A Hummingbird also brings your attention to the projects that you have started. You should continue working hard so that you can achieve all your goals and aspirations.

Hummingbird Animal Totem Native American Symbolism

Native American myths depict the Hummingbird as a healer. Native Americans also believe that it is a spirit that has been sent to heal and help people. Other legends also view this little bird as the fire bringer. Some tribes have Hummingbird clans where the Hummingbird spirit guide is carved on a pole and displayed for all to see.

Native Americans believed that the Hummingbird was created from flowers. Its creation story lays the basis for its appearance in spring. People believe that it mostly appears in spring to show gratitude to flowers. The Hopi Hummingbird tells a story that involves this small bird asking the god of fertility to restore the land.

The Native American Hummingbird is associated with wisdom, healing, endurance, hard work, inspiration, and perseverance.

Hummingbird In Christianity

Christians believe that God created all creatures, and he was pleased with the work he had done. In the Bible, the Hummingbird animal totem is portrayed as a creature that spreads joy and is playful. All of God’s creation is symbolic of something.

There is no direct quote in the Bible that talks about the Hummingbird, but Christians also have tales that portray the Hummingbird as a positive little bird. The Hummingbird is connected to death but not in a negative light. The Hummingbird is seen as a messenger between the dead and their loved ones.

It carries with it good news that gives hope to the living that their loved ones are in a safe place. The Bible’s teaching of the Hummingbird wants us to know that we should live in the present rather than waste our time focusing on the past.

Hummingbird Spirit Animal: Conclusion

The final lesson of Hummingbird symbolism is efficiency and the dangers of wasting our energy. Know that there are things in your life that are unnecessary. They will clog your mind and purpose if allowed to do so.

Fear, worry, and anger, all of are massive consumers of energy. Receive encouragement not to waste energy by dwelling on them. Be like the Hummingbird, dropping off all that which is unnecessary so that your energy may contribute to wise use.

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