Kanya Rashi

Kanya Rashi

The Kanya Rashi is the sixth sign in Vedic astrology.

It corresponds to the Virgo sign.

The ruling planet of Kanya Rasi is Mercury.

The Kanya Rasi is symbolized by the Virgin and ruled by the element EARTH.

This Rashi comes under Uttara Phalguni (Pada 2, 3, 4), Hasta, Chitra (Pada 1, 2) Nakshatras.

The lucky colors for the Kanya Rasi are WHITE, YELLOW and ORANGE.

Kanya Rasi : Personality Traits

Planet Mercury makes people born in Kanya Rashi very talkative. Being inquisitive they are interested in whatever happens in their surroundings. As they are skillful communicators they gather information from various sources and will be happy to transfer their knowledge to all interested people.

The Kanya zodiac sign people are neat and tidy. They prefer to be meticulous and detailed in every little task they do. They are smart and intelligent and do not speak out of turn. Being shrewd they analyze a situation completely before making a decision.

But at times the Kanya Rasi’s obsession with perfection can border on becoming fanatical and rigid. At such times they become critical of everything and everyone around them. Their excess nervous energy needs be let out through physical exercise or it will cause them harm in some way or the other.

The main strength of Kanya Rasi individuals will be their loyal friends. They are very friendly and caring about people. Most of their time is spent on thinking and analysis. Whatever limited time is available will be spent on execution of their well planned ideas. There is an inherent interest in gathering details about all things and they do not like to laze around without work.

Kanya Rashi individuals are extremely flexible in adjusting to new situations but at the same time they are always critical about everything. This critical nature will offend others and will not be appreciated. Their craving for perfection will leave them cribbing about everything.

By nature they are realistic and old fashioned and do not indulge in showing off their warmth towards others in public. In their personal lives, they can be very passionate in matters of love.

The Kanya people are very well planned and careful about minute details in some fields, and very careless and unplanned in some other aspects. About health they tend to be highly sensitive to the point of being maniacal.

Kanya Rashi : Health

Kanya Rasi people are susceptible to anxiety, allergies and respiratory problems. Old age may bring in some surgical treatments. Ailments related to the stomach like ulcers, diarrhea, cramps, indigestion might affect their well-being. Skin allergies and infections too could be a cause of worry.

Kanya Rasi : Finance

Money comes to the Kanya Rashi without problems. They spend it on going round the world exploring countries and natural beauty. They are frugal by nature and will no indulge in frivolous spending. They are systematic in their financial planning and will never fall short of cash. They might also invest in real estate as an investment for the future.

Kanya: Relationships

The Kanya Rasi family life will be very harmonious, probably with a governing partner. They do not believe in public display of affection. But that doesn’t mean that they love their partner any lesser. They are caring and loving and make it a point to make the life of their loved ones secure in all aspects.

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Kanya : Professions

People born under the Kanya Rashi will be proficient Research Scientists, Salespersons, Journalists, Software Professionals, Financial Managers and Arbitrators. They will do well in careers which is of of some service to others. They rather prefer to be the kingmaker rather than be the king himself.

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