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Mercury In Signs Symbolism & Meanings

Mercury In Signs Astrology

Mercury can affect people differently depending on how fast it was moving when the person was born. Also, Mercury in signs can go into something called ‘retrograde’ which means that it slows down. This makes it look like it is moving backward.


Usually, planet Mercury in signs helps people communicate better and think faster. But, if you were born when Mercury was in retrograde, then you may have problems stringing words or ideas together. However, no matter when you were born, occasional retrograde can affect you. Also, Mercury through the 12 zodiac signs shows how it influences your communication skills.

the Mercury in signs

Mercury In The 12 Zodiac Signs Meanings

Mercury In Aries

All Mercury in Aries people can expect to experience ease when it comes to any projects that they are working on. In a retrograde, however, they will become frustrated and annoyed with their tasks and will find them harder to complete.


Mercury In Taurus

Taurus, usually a slower zodiac sign, will feel a little sped up when Mercury is in its sign. This may complicate things but will be better overall. In a retrograde, their thoughts will feel even slower and fuzzy than normal. This may cause frustration or anger.

Mercury In Gemini

Gemini ruled by Mercury, will have increased communication when Mercury is in its sign. However, when Mercury is in retrograde, they will have less communication, dropped calls and ignored emails. However, they may reconnect with someone whom they haven’t talked to in a while.


Mercury In Cancer

Cancer can expect ease at home and with their friends and family when Mercury is in this star sign. However, when Mercury is in retrograde, they may fight more with their children, break more objects in their home, or mess up on things that they are usually good at.

Mercury In Leo

The Leo Mercury sign people are always looking to make some extra cash. They will be blessed with speedy business when Mercury is in its sign. However, when Mercury is in retrograde, it is advisable not to make large investments, as they will likely backfire.


Mercury In Virgo

Virgo, usually busy, will go through their plans quickly and with ease when Mercury is in their sign. When Mercury is in retrograde it will seem like none of their plans are going well. This can cause a Virgo to become stressed out and angry. Just go with the flow if this happens and wait for Mercury to travel at its normal speed.


Mercury In Libra

Libra, always knowing what they want to do and how to balance it, will have an even easier time making decisions when Mercury is in their sign. When Mercury is in retrograde, you should avoid making large decisions, as you will likely regret it later.

Mercury In Scorpio

Scorpio, not always the most graceful speaker, will have more luck in relationships and in general when it comes to socializing. When in retrograde, try not to say anything rude, as it will come off as worse than it normally would. This can damage relationships of all sorts.


Mercury In Sagittarius

Sagittarius, always the adventurer, may come across new traveling offers or generally have a good time with their friends when Mercury is in their sign. When Mercury is in retrograde, you should avoid traveling, as you could get in an accident. Try to stick close to home during this time.


Mercury In Capricorn

When Mercury is in Capricorn sign, it means that there will be new experiences either at home, with friends, or at work. Don’t let these offers pass you up! When Mercury is in retrograde, you may want to avoid doing new things. Your workload may become heavier as well.

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Mercury In Aquarius

Aquarius, a social being, will have an easier time socializing and making friends when Mercury is in their sign. When in retrograde, their part of the conversation may come off as rude. Stick to your good friends, and avoid trying to make new friends during this time.

Mercury In Pisces

Pisces, usually a logical zodiac sign will have an even easier time figuring out severe problems when Mercury is in their sign. When Mercury is in retrograde, they will experience a shift in the way they think. They will be more creative and overall more imaginative. Take advantage of this time!

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