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Is Tarot Reading A Talking Cure?

Tarot Reading And Talking Cures

What is the talking cure?

Originally coined and developed by Sigmund Freud, the talking cure refers to the process in which suppressed emotions, and psychological blocks are overcome as they are given a voice. This psychological process of acknowledging, speaking about, and delving into issues is cathartic. Issues are either resolved or sent down the road towards resolution merely by talking about it, such as Tarot reading a talking cure.

This is true of Tarot.


1. Does good Tarot reading make room for the supernatural?

Good Tarot makes a lot of room for this in the world, but it needn’t do so as the workings of Tarot can be explained by other means. For a talented reader, who brings the weight of the subconscious mind to bear, and this is no less magical. Psychic gifts and the supernatural may or may not be involved. Does this mean that knowing what the cards represent is not important?


It is far more important to be sensitive, supportive, and intuitive but a deep knowledge of the Tarot is required to read with ease. The tarot forms the basis of the reading, and in this sense is no different from tea leaves or bones. The benefit and popularity of the Tarot stem from its amazing tapestry of symbols, laden imagery, and deep ideas contained on the cards.


A surface-level anecdotal reader quickly becomes undone but the complexities of the combinations that arise. It is the reader’s heightened creativity that links the knowledge of the cards together into a sound concept but it is here where good Tarot begins and bad Tarot ends. Good Tarot begins in the subtle language of Tarot as the concepts from the card combinations are made applicable to the question being asked. At this stage, a good Tarot is akin to a form of humanistic counseling.

2. How do I learn the Tarot?

Learning the Tarot is easy provided you have the right books. Start with an easy manual, like those recommended in our shop. You can buy tarot books and tarot cards which will get you off to the best start. As you begin to form relationships with the cards, you can explore the more mythical origins and deeper meetings of the cards. All give you more dimensions for your conscious and subconscious to work with.


If the Forer and Placebo effects are so strong, is it not Tarot reading but manipulation?

Without using intuition and your subconscious gifts and insight, it can be. The reader has the opportunity to create self-fulfilling prophecies, through the power of suggestion. This is why Tarot reading must be approached carefully, with strong awareness, and employ the above psychological effects to support and strengthen the seeker’s decision-making.

Tarot reading a talking cure

3. What is humanistic counseling?

Much of what makes a good tarot reading is humanistic counseling. In truth, good Tarot readers mimic a lot of the techniques of the approach. This is done without formal training in psychology or board registration.

Nonetheless, this practice continues, and this is because the interactions are normal to human relationships that are structured within Tarot. A good Tarot reader does not exceed the depths of what might be discussed within a friendship.

Sensitivity and support lie at the heart of both Tarot reading and humanistic counseling. Responsible readers can do a lot of good with these approaches, but must at all times be aware of the difference between what they do, and what a psychologist or counselor can do.

Tarot reading a talking cure

4. What is the Placebo effect?

Many people understand a placebo to be a sugar pill substituted for medication to test whether the real medication works. This is necessary because, especially in mental health studies, those who receive attention and believe they are receiving effective treatment have better outcomes. Many alternative health disciplines are very successful, because of this psychological principle. This is true of Tarot.

Merely because a seeker is receiving personal attention, that someone else is deeply involved with their issues, they may feel better, be more positive, and be inspired to tackle their challenges with new vigor.

5. What is the role of the cards in a reading?

In truth, the interpretation of the Tarot has little to do with the cards. The particular language of the Tarot means that the majority of card positions and combinations offer replies to the questions posed.

The fact that it is not infallible (poor draws requiring additional cards, disregarding certain cards, and on occasion ignoring the entire spread) supports the approach that reading had little to do with the cards and more to do with the reader. Should a reader predict “the arrival of a mysterious dark-haired stranger,” then it is a sign that the real intuition and the problem-solving abilities of the reader’s subconscious mind are not engaged.

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