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The Healing Powers of the Sun

Sunday – The Day Of Worship

In Western Occult Circles, the Sun has a lot of power. In his book Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires, Aaron Leitch says “The Sun is Lord and Judge of the world. It is, in effect, God from our earthly vantage point – being itself a window to the divine realm.”


This one fact alone may explain why Christians chose to make their sabbath fall on Sunday, and why people in societies that operate with Christianity as the dominant religion view Sundays to be a day of worship.


In truth, the energies associated with Sunday are highly tailored to this form of expression. As “Lord and Judge of the world,” the Sun rules over so many aspects of our lives. It rules over Growth, Strength (like Mars, but in a different way), Power, Leadership, and an individual’s sense of self. It is worth taking some time out of our busy schedules to acknowledge all that is present in those energies.

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Energies Of The Sun

The really interesting thing about the Sun is that all of its energies seem to be focused on one thing: healing! Consider the list above: Growth, Strength, Power, Leadership, and our sense of self.


If you’re talking about growth, you are necessarily healing because you will abandon what no longer works for you and move towards what does work.

You’re talking about healing with strength because strength is the opposite of injury. Strength is the physical manifestation of vibrant health. We cannot be strong if we are unhealthy, though spiritual strength can flourish when we struggle with overcoming disease (i.e. getting back to vibrant health).

Consider that one of the things witches have always been known for is their ability to heal. This ability made them incredibly powerful in the eyes of the Church, which felt threatened by their independence and self-sufficiency. Power and health have always been linked together. Even in our modern society, power and health are linked together.


The poor suffer and die from diseases that no longer harm the rich. We have often heard it said that money is power, so, conversely, money (or power) is linked to health.

Leadership and sense of self go hand in hand. How many executive trainings focus on understanding your unique promise of value or understanding your moral compass to lead an organization to success? Most people will follow someone with a sense of purpose (a strong sense of self).

It’s very charismatic! If you don’t think sense of self is a health issue, consider the prevalence of modern psychology in our society. The “mental health” profession focuses very heavily on developing a strong sense of self. It is viewed as healthy to know who you are and what you are about.

People then don’t suffer other psychological (health) problems. Bullying is antithetical to a sense of self. It tears down another person’s sense of self, and our legal system is just now starting to recognize how that heinous crime harms people.

Healing Rituals For The Sun

Regardless of what type of healing you need in your life, sunrise (or any time) on a Sunday is an excellent time to practice this ritual of healing. Get a white or gold candle. Light it in front of you. Sitting with your back straight in a meditative position, gaze into the candle flame.

Allow your gaze to soften as you breathe deeply into the depths of your belly. Breathe into the count of 4. Hold for the count of 2. Breathe out to the count of 4, and, again, hold for the count of 2. Repeat this pattern throughout your entire meditation.

As your vision begins to soften, close your eyes, and see (with your mind’s eye) yourself walking into the flame before you. Visualize the problem that you feel healing needs. See it as an easily defined image. Maybe you see medical bills piling up in front of you, indicating your ill health.

Push that image (those bills) into the center of the flame, and watch them disintegrate before your eyes. As they are burning away repeat, “I am vibrantly healthy and radiantly beautiful” to yourself over and over again (either in your head or out loud).

When the image of your ill health is fully burned to ash, see the light of the candle flame burn brighter in your mind’s eye. It grows till it is fully surrounding you. It shines a brilliant white, nearly blinding you. Continue to repeat your mantra: “I am vibrantly healthy and radiantly beautiful.”

After a few moments of basking in the healing power of the flame (a smaller representation of the Sun, by the way), see the light die back its original size, open your eyes, and go about your day.

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