Cow Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Cow Animal Totem Symbolism

Like its family member the bull, the cow totem is highly connected to nature, the Earth, and its continuation through reproduction. Cows are very generous with their lives and behave in the most selfless of manners.

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Among fertility and femininity, these mother creatures represent the virtuous traits of sustenance, abundance, potential, calming, grounding, and provision. They also serve as an uplifting sign of female power and prestige, since they are, after all, crucial to the continuation of any species.

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New beginnings are also an appropriate theme associated with cows in conjunction with their maternal auras. Through their pregnancy, birth, nourishment to their offspring, and ultimate bodily gifts, cows show the entire life cycle in its bittersweet beauty from start to finish.

The female cow totem is linked to its male counterpart, the bull, through the symbolism of fertility and reproduction. While the male totem exemplifies nourishment through its slaughter or sacrifice, a cow symbolizes birth and motherhood.

Cow symbolism assists us in understanding and embracing fertility and the relationships necessary for it. It is a soft and nurturing creature that arouses the soft side in each of us. The two animals are directly connected, as they are both needed to create new life.

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These animals illustrate both the masculine and feminine qualities that exist in every being. The bull is characterized by bold and rigid energies, while the cow is far more gentle and tranquil. They remind us to constantly ensure that these energies are in harmonious balance.

Cow Associated Traits

Loving, Generous, Fertile, Nurturing


Symbolic Meaning Of Cow

Like many other animals, cows as spirit guides have been revered in various religions and cultures around the world. In ancient Egyptian astrology, the cow served several symbolic purposes, including being worshipped as the goddess of joy and maternal nourisher of all things.

Nordic clans considered her udders to secrete the four rivers of power that were crucial to their historic belief system. Even in modern Hinduism and Buddhism, the cow spiritual totem is highly respected and considered the most holy of animals, explaining why so many followers to these faiths are vegetarians.

As maternal and familial creatures that live their lives as members of herds, cow meanings can teach us about the home and community and the intrinsic joys that lie therein.

Love and social connections are important pieces of our lives, and it’s important that we nourish them just as cows nourish their young.

Additionally, they remind us to nourish ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. If we neglect the basics of our lives, it will be impossible for us to live happily and thrive. Every day, you should ask yourself if you are eating the right foods, drinking enough water, and exercising both your body and your mind to remain healthy and alert.

We should always work to have a positive and happy home environment. If we don’t, we should inquire deep within as to how we can change that. Calling upon the cow animal totem, we can learn how to make basic changes that are needed to balance the joys in our surroundings.

Cows are a simple creature that get their joys from life’s basic pleasures. From this, they aid us aid us in remembering to be easy going and live in the moment. Often times, we ignore the innocent and plain moments that make our lives wonderful.

If we can manage to clearly assess our lives, we will be reminded to thank our family members and those close to us for all that they do to make our lives joyful. Simply appreciating your community can change your mentality greatly, having positive effects on both your outlook and your body.

One of the cow symbol’s  main spiritual messages is to never take this for granted, for eventually this life will end. Lessons of gratitude and the appreciation of sacrifice are prevalent in cow symbolism, especially when presented in our dreams, and we would do well to integrate them into our daily life.

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