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Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio Compatibility

In matters of zodiac compatibility, Scorpio compatibility is supposed to be the most sexual of all the astrology signs. Read on to know how Scorpio men and women fare in love and romance based on love astrology predictions.

Scorpio zodiac by nature has a strong craving and passion for everything in life including love. He is resolute, exhilarating, and powerful by nature. He goes by his instinct in matters of feelings.


In love, he seeks strong bonding physically and persistent devotion. The Scorpio’s strong sexuality and his sexual needs are high. He looks for partners who are positive and who have high self-esteem.

Scorpio is compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces. They should avoid Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

scorpio compatibility

Scorpio Aries Compatibility

The Scorpio expects intimacy in a relationship but the Ram is not interested in proximity. Aries easily forgets the most horrible moments in his life while Scorpio is unforgiving about cruel things inflicted on him. Both are honest and passionate. In this Scorpio compatibility, both can understand each other well.

Scorpio Man Aries Woman

The Scorpio male likes the passion and liveliness of Aries woman while she is attracted by his perplexing nature. Aries woman has a domineering character and looks forward for a match with zeal. Scorpio man easily draws an Aries woman towards him but love compatibility depends on mutual satisfaction.

Scorpio Woman Aries Man

Aries man with his determination charms Scorpio woman. His belligerence is taken care of by her devotion and affection. Aries has his strange methods to hook a Scorpion whereas a Scorpio woman seeks his attention always. Zodiac compatibility can be achieved by mutual understanding between the two.


Scorpio Taurus Compatibility

Scorpio is overprotective which is resented by Taurus. Both are suspicious of each other which may break down the relationship. This Scorpio compatibility can be achieved with cooperation, frank communication, and some give and take.

Scorpio Man Taurus Woman

Taurus man and Scorpio woman are haunted by their common traits of harshness and distrust. Obstinacy prevents them from sharing their individual opinions. Sexually Scorpio man and Taurus are attracted to each other. With a lot of effort, compatibility can be achieved between the two.

Scorpio Woman Taurus Man

Taurus woman is suspicious about her mate and Scorpio man is temperamental. Both are itching for a fight. The consequences of their constant bickering may be disastrous and end in the break up of this Scorpio relationship. The partnership is turbulent. If they value each other’s thoughts and accept the divergence in feelings, compatibility may be possible.

Scorpio Gemini Compatibility

Scorpio is a resentful, over-protective, and overriding personality. Gemini is selfish, casual, and tactful. Gemini is bright and wholehearted and hates envy and ruthless activities. They are sociable. Scorpions are reserved and enjoy solitude. Both have opposing zodiac personality traits.

Scorpio Man Gemini Woman

The Scorpio man in love is highly demanding and Gemini woman may not be able to come up to the mark. The love match starts with obsession but does not continue for long. Scorpio man cannot stand her irresponsible and relaxed disposition. Gemini woman hates his envious and disbelieving nature.

Scorpio Woman Gemini Man

Scorpio woman is fascinated by the fervor and brightness of Gemini man. Gemini man is pulled towards her by her faithfulness and infatuation. On the flip side, the high demands and envious behavior of Scorpio woman, and the intolerance and unpredictable nature of Gemini man will not help the compatibility. The bond will continue if they patch up their differences.


Scorpio Cancer Compatibility

Cancer is perceptive, helpful, motivated, and persistent. Scorpio is supportive and looks after the Crab who in return offers warmth and love. Scorpio is protective and envious. These qualities can be handled by the kindness and affectionate nature of Cancer. Physically both have strong sexual bonding.

Scorpio Man Cancer Woman

Scorpio male and Cancer woman form a highly compatible match. Cancer woman loves his charming conduct and sex appeal. Cancer woman gets a sense of protection from the dedication and toughness of the Scorpio guy. Scorpio man’s distrustful nature and protective disposition are taken care of by Cancer woman.

Scorpio Woman Cancer Man

The Scorpio compatibility with the Cancer man is highly remarkable and enduring. Scorpio woman is loyal and motivates Cancer man to be cool and achieve his ambitions. Both of them are supportive of each other. The temperamental nature of a Cancer man and the resentful nature of a Scorpio woman are no barriers to a good relationship.


Scorpio Leo Compatibility

Leo is bigheaded and haughty while Scorpio is overprotective and envious. Scorpio abhors the royal and controlling attitude of the Lion. They are attracted towards each other but their anger pulls them apart. This Scorpio compatibility is difficult to achieve and the match is not conducive.

Scorpio Man Leo Woman

Leo woman in her search for love cannot fulfill the difficult demands of Scorpio man. Scorpio man when angry will start a fight with Leo woman. The Scorpio man despite his admiration for her affection and tolerance is not mad about her. Scorpio man shows enough interest in Leo woman. On the whole, they are not compatible in love.

Scorpio Woman Leo Man

Leo man makes a grand show of his love and lives a royal life. Scorpio woman looks for real love and devotion rather than a demonstration of love. Both are powerful and are not ready to compromise. Scorpio woman likes the strong and courageous Leo but he is not interested in her integrity and devotion. This Leo Scorpio relationship is not a happy one.

Scorpio Virgo Compatibility

Virgo is precise and systematic. He is highly committed in love. Virgo is attracted by the charming Scorpio. On the flip side, Virgo is reasonable but critical while Scorpio is mysterious. The Scorpio compatibility is very high with the Virgin.

Scorpio Man Virgo Woman

Virgo woman encourages and improves the social life of Scorpio man. The strong passion of Scorpio man makes this Scorpio friendship highly romantic. There is a mutual understanding of temperament. Scorpio man is annoyed by the intolerance of Virgo woman. This excellent astrology Scorpio compatibility can go to great heights.

Scorpio Woman Virgo Man

Virgo is clever and bright while Scorpio is tough and single-minded. Both are physically strongly attracted to each other. There is excellent rapport between the two and they facilitate each other in reaching great heights. They have a lot of common characteristics which makes this Scorpio relationship compatibility a happy one.

Scorpio Libra Compatibility

Scorpio is inflexible and resolute while Libra is pleasant, laid back, and clever. Libra is not committed like Scorpio. Libra tends to flirt and does not believe in real love. Relationships can be interesting as both love excitement. Happy partnerships can be stitched together because of their diverse natures.

Scorpio Man Libra Woman

Scorpio in love is attracted by the gorgeousness and purity of Libra woman. The Scorpio men are intensely passionate but their jealousy puts the bonding with Libra woman in jeopardy. The Libra Scorpio marriage will be highly enjoyable for a short duration. Compatibility over a long time is questionable.

Scorpio Woman Libra Man

Scorpio woman feels ignored due to the pride and flirting nature of Libra man. Libra man is attractive, loves fun, and has smooth talk. The severe and vindictive nature of Scorpio woman will start problems in the match which may even crash. Scorpio compatibility can be obtained if they can overcome their pride and make suitable compromises.

Scorpio Scorpio Compatibility

Two Scorpio soulmates have magnetism and determination. His obstinacy may push the match to extremes. He goes to any extent to keep his partner happy if he likes her, or he can be wicked and severe if he dislikes her. The Scorpio in love is honest and tries to understand his partner fully. Dating a Scorpio means he is highly romantic and pulls his partner towards him by his charisma and mysticism.

Scorpio Man Scorpio Woman & Scorpio Woman Scorpio Man

With common Scorpio traits, there is any number of possibilities for disagreements, happiness, and romance. Physically they will be drawn towards each other by their charm and attractive looks. Their strong willpower and hard work will enable them to succeed in their ventures. Fury and envy have to be controlled by both to be compatible.

Scorpio Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius is highly energetic, bold, and talkative. Scorpio is faithful and passionate in love. He is powerful and motivated. Sagittarius zodiac sign has an indifferent attitude towards the love match while Scorpio is committed. The Scorpio marriage with a Sagittarius can be electrifying with the Archer adding zing to the match.

Scorpio Man Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius is forthright and liberal and is attracted by Scorpio’s willpower and vigor. Both are interested in exciting actions. The partnership will be warm and enjoyable. This Scorpio compatibility can endure if the Sagittarian can carry out the Scorpion’s demands.

Scorpio Woman Sagittarius Man

Scorpio woman expects steady and expressive love while Scorpio woman is reserved in matters of affection. The over-protectiveness and envy of Scorpio woman will repel Sagittarius man. The sign Scorpio is symbolized by water and Sagittarius by fire. Naturally, the compatibility between the two is not feasible.

Scorpio Capricorn Compatibility

Scorpio and Capricorn are adamant, malicious, and disbelieving. The Scorpio is expressive as Capricorn is tough and realistic. Both want to be secure financially. They have common personalities. Their single-mindedness and toughness make the match inflexible and at odds. The Scorpio love compatibility is not very high in the relationship.

Scorpio Man Capricorn Woman

Scorpio man and Capricorn woman are highly dependable and serious about fiscal affairs. Capricorn woman feels safe and protected by the possessive and jealous nature of Scorpio man. They can have a good association in commercial matters. Compatibility in love can be achieved by mutual dedication, loyalty, and concern.

Scorpio Woman Capricorn Man

Scorpio woman are resolute but get excited fast. Capricorn man is highly rational and clever by nature. There is a romantic attraction between the two. Horoscope compatibility is possible if they value each other’s feelings. They take time to be frank with one another.

Scorpio Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius gets annoyed very fast. Scorpio is dictatorial and is put off by the changes in the mood of Aquarius sun sign and his keenness for liberty. Aquarius cannot satisfy the high emotional requirements of Scorpio. Only sexual passion can keep the match alive. Lot of compromise is required to reach a high level of Scorpio compatibility between the two.

Scorpio Man Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is interested in actions outside the house while Scorpio man wants her to concentrate on household chores. Aquarius woman with her devotion and gentle nature keeps the love match going to some extent. But there will be constant fights between the two and a breakup in the relationship is possible.

Scorpio Woman Aquarius Man

Aquarius man is erratic in behavior and Scorpio woman is expressive with high demands. Both value their words. She gets upset if her demands are not met. If Aquarius man makes her happy and Scorpio woman can keep her cool and drop her needs, the relationship may succeed.

Scorpio Pisces Compatibility

Scorpio and Pisces share “water” as their symbol and naturally the compatibility will be amazing. The Scorpio is full of energy and willpower. He is also dedicated and faithful in love. Scorpio is domineering and protective. Pisces is charitable and delightful. He has a very good appreciation of Scorpio which keeps him in high spirits.

Scorpio Man Pisces Woman

Scorpio man and Pisces woman form a gorgeous couple with good understanding and strong physical bonding. Pisces woman is highly expressive and has a high intellect. She dislikes the controlling and protective nature of Scorpio man. Both enjoy many common activities and love predicting the future.

Scorpio Woman Pisces Man

This Scorpio compatibility with the Pisces man is a thrilling relationship that may not last long. Pisces man is an introvert but still is happy in the company of Scorpio woman. The timidity of Pisces man irritates Scorpio woman who is in search of a rough and tough partner. Scorpio woman is honest and faithful to him. Pisces man motivates her in his way.

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