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Dolphin Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Dolphin Animal Totem Symbolism

Dolphins are one of the majestic and un-intimidating creatures of the sea. Even their playful laughs signal such immense joy and can in turn make us laugh, too.

Dolphin spirit animals are playful and generous kind creatures. So it should come as no surprise that the dolphin animal totems have a long list of symbolic attributes. This includes power, peace, gentleness, predominance, and, most importantly, grace.

Dolphin spirit guides also have many similarities to humans as far as intelligence and social organization goes. Like us, they value love, friendship, and community, which makes them easy for us to relate to.

To understand the full scale of dolphin symbolism, though, we must understand that it is dual in nature. Although dolphins are sea creatures and live a lifestyle similar to fish, they are also air-breathing mammals.

While they represent solar traits, they are also lunar totems, as well. Thus, the dolphin symbol speaks to us of living in two separate worlds simultaneously. Sometimes we may feel like we are living double lives, too, and can call on this prince of the sea for guidance.

Dolphin Associated Traits

Graceful, Powerful, Playful, Intelligent, Compassionate, Social, Dual, Balance, Curious, Restless


Symbolic Meaning Of Dolphin

Dolphins in symbolism have also made quite a presence throughout various cultures and mythologies. For example, Celtic symbolism honored dolphins as the guardians and protectors of sacred water.

The Christian religion sees the dolphin symbolic of Christ and often portrays the resurrection with dolphins. They believe that the compassionate calm demeanor of the dolphin speaks to those who emulate Christ, those with pure hearts. Some Christian artists have also depicted dolphins transporting the souls of the faithfully departed to heaven.

Ancient Greeks follow this line of believing, as well, claiming that the animal swam the souls of the dead to the Islands of the Blessed. The Greeks and Romans even took the dolphin’s role a step further and made it an associate of several of the gods, including Apollo, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Neptune, Eros, Cupid, Dionysus, and Bacchus.

Native American Astrology Sign

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It was believed that the dolphin related to these gods’ themes of rulership, fatherly protection, love and desire, exploration, curiosity, wildness, and creative self-expression, respectively. As you can see, the dolphin’s timeless symbolism is an old and respected one that continues to be relevant and helpful to our lives today.

When the vivacious dolphin symbol comes diving across your path, it brings a single, delightful spiritual message: one of joyful play. They spend a large part of their day messing around with their friends and remind you of the importance of doing that sometimes.

Life cannot always be so serious and dull. These beautiful creatures are in complete harmony with their environment, and are very similar to humans in many ways. Unlike almost every other animal in the world, dolphins practice love for each other. This goes beyond basic care giving for the elderly and the young.

Dolphins have been observed crossing inter-species boundaries to provide assistance, healing, and above all, companionship to others. In this way, they offer major inspiration for humans to treat each other better and become united in love.

With a dolphin as your spiritual guide, you are able to walk down the fine line of life, balancing perfectly and never swaying too much to one side. You can participate in many activities and do not need to dedicate yourself to just a single one.

The intelligent dolphin meaning shows you are capable of completing serious tasks while taking great joy out of life, such as by being generous without expecting anything in return. You understand the importance of balance in your life and aim to live in complete harmony with others.

Dolphins animal totem live with the gift of transcendence and use it for the betterment of their community. When they appear in dreams, they are speaking of this gift and encouraging the dreamer to use his or her own talents for the greater good, as well.

As long as we are willing, we can always call upon their mental attributes of intellect and emotional trust to navigate our own emotional web and gain a greater understanding of ourselves. If we are riding a dolphin in our dreams or in real life, we are representing our own optimism and youthful spirit. With a happy balance and a positive attitude, we can live our lives in the same jovial manner.

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