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7 Reasons Women Fall For Bad Boys

Why Are Women Attracted To Bad Boys?

There seem to be many women attracted to men that are bad for them. Why is this? What makes an otherwise intelligent women seek a boyfriend who may not be good to her or good for her?


First what are bad boys? There are different types of bad boys and they range from the more mild to the more serious. There are the more serious guys who have regular run-ins with law, abuse drugs and sometimes mistreat others, and are the more violent offenders. Than there are the more mild mischief-makers who just like to bend the rules and to just have fun.


Some say these types of men have higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of maturity. (Drugs don’t help the brain and emotions to fully develop as needed so this doesn’t help!) Some have not learned to channel their aggression in a positive way so they seek risky behavior and act out in dangerous ways.


7 Reasons Women Fall For Bad Boys

#1. Upbringing

Of course psychologists may say that all roads lead back to our parents and our upbringing – our genes and our environment. They say that the girls that are attracted to these guys didn’t have a great father figure or relationship with their parents. Likewise, these bad boys haven’t had great role models either.


#2. Relationship With Father

Sometimes women choose a mate who is like their father so maybe their father was a little rebellious or even mean. Other times these women choose bad boys to shock their dads who may not have paid them enough attention or they are trying to get back at their father’s for hurting them somehow.

#3. Peer Pressure

Some of the attraction of girls to bad boys is a result of peer pressure and acceptance from other teens. Others act out to get attention from their parents or other adults.


#4. Humanitarian

Some women want to save a troubled man or help him out. They may think a little love and understanding can heal his pain and hurt. They may think they can change him. It is an ego-boosting proposition to think that you are the only one who understands him or you are the only one who can help him. He may even help fuel this desire.


#5. Excitement

Many women like the excitement that a bad boy brings into their life. This is especially true for good girls or those who have lead a somewhat sheltered life. Those that have had to follow the rules are intrigued with men who scoff at responsibility.

#6. Attracted To Their Confidence

There are some other reasons and possible theories about why women are attracted to bad boys. They are good-looking, confident, and smooth talkers. They aren’t shy when talking to women or acting out for them. They wouldn’t be able to pull off the antics they do if they weren’t confident. Women are drawn to this confident and even indifferent attitude. He may not even care if she likes him or not and that turns some women on.

#7. Rebellious

Bad boys are often rugged and masculine. They take control and know what they want. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are controlling but they are passionate about what they want and what they believe in. Women like this. It also gives women a feeling of power and excitement to be with a man like this. He is passionate and rebellious and will fight for her.

There is also the challenge of trying to tame him or get him to settle down and love her. Some women are nurturers and want to take care of these immature boys. But these women who constantly fall for bad boys – especially the ones who hurt them – may have their own problems with self-esteem, insecurity or low confidence.

And once these women realize that they deserve the best and deserve to be happy, they will see that a nice guy will put their happiness first while bad boys will only be thinking about themselves. Hopefully then, women will choose what is good for them for a lifetime not what is exciting for the moment.

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