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Scorpio Man And Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Scorpio Man Cancer Woman

Can Scorpio men and Cancer women relationships be compatible mentally, emotionally, and sexually? The Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman make ideal life partners for each other. They are both very similar people and will often find plenty to do together. They share excellent love compatibility.


The Cancer Scorpio soulmates both have the same needs and wants. They are willing to settle down with each other relatively quickly. The only problem is that both are capable of losing their emotional integrity. Neither one of them will be able to handle the other when it does happen.


Scorpio Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility – Pros

The Cancer Woman is a lot like the Scorpio Man. She enjoys spending time at home and wants to create a sanctuary there to find peace and harmony. She looks for a life partner and will be attracted to the Scorpio male who is sentimental and romantic.

The Cancer female likes to feel loved and admired and in return can be a very faithful companion for the Scorpio lover. She can give the same level of affection as he can give to her. So together they will be able to emotionally balance each other out.


In a relationship, both will be able to connect on a deep emotional level because she has the same spiritual understanding. He wants to be loved and given affection regularly. He needs someone who will be able to understand his sentimental side. Sometimes he can be lost in a sea of emotions.


The Cancer lady is familiar with these types of waters. She will be able to notice the changing of tides within the Scorpio Man because they often happen within herself as well. Together in love, they will be able to bring balance to each other’s lives.

These two zodiac signs will never have to worry about financial difficulties because the Scorpio Man is great at making money while the Cancer Woman is known for her smart investments.

Neither one will have to worry about the other spending money on things they will deem worthless or have no long-lasting value. Together these two will never have to worry about overdue bills.

In a Scorpio and Cancer marriage, they both will want to have a secure home. They will want to create a family so they will both plan for this future by saving lots of money.  In bed, the Scorpio Cancer couple will be sexually compatible.

Scorpio Man Cancer Woman Relationship – Cons

The Cancer Woman is extremely understanding when it comes to the Scorpio Man’s needs and wants based on his sentimental ways. But will the Scorpio Man be able to handle the Cancer Woman in the same way? She is not only known for her emotional habits but also for being able to hold them all inside within a hard shell.

The Scorpio male will have to learn to break through to her center to gain a better understanding of her current needs. This can change every day. He must have a keen eye about her changing tides as much as she will about his.

Another aspect of the Cancer Woman that might be difficult for the Scorpio Man is her habit of being indecisive. She can sometimes take a long time to make up her mind. The Scorpio guy would rather jump on an opportunity before taking the time to think about the outcome.

They might be able to balance each other out in this part of the relationship or he becomes very frustrated and confused with her. Then it won’t be long before they break up.


Scorpio is a water sign that is fixed and Cancer is a water sign that is cardinal by nature. The compatibility gets a FIVE Hearts love rating.

Chances are that a friendship can be a very happy one. They balance each other out in many ways and they both want the same things in life. There are some areas where this couple will have to see the signs of their changing emotions.

But both are so sensitive that they will be able to recognize disaster before it hits the shore. When the Scorpio Man dates a Cancer Woman chances are that they are bound for a long loving relationship.

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