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Scorpio Man Sexual Traits

Scorpio Man In Love

Scorpio men can be quite possessive and they also don’t really reveal their feelings; at least not immediately. He takes desire and love very seriously and likes to discover the deepest paths of sexuality. He enjoys experimenting and with his skillful lovemaking techniques his partner is bound to stick with him forever.

Keep in mind that the Scorpio man is the jealous type and once he has you as your partner, you belong to him. The moment he catches you flirting with another man, you can consider yourself out of his life. One major difficulty you might experience with dating a man of this sun sign is getting him to express his deepest emotions or thoughts.

He is very difficult to read and more often than not you will not know what is going through his mind. All you can do is wait until the time he feels like sharing his deepest feelings and thoughts with you. Just don’t pressure him to do it.

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Scorpio Man In Relationships

The Scorpio male takes relationships very seriously, just as he does with sex. He is very faithful and devoted in a relationship and loves his woman passionately. He will expect the same level of devotedness from his woman as well. If his partner ends up straying the thought of forgiveness will never cross his mind.

If you do end up in a relationship with the Scorpio man, just abide by his rules and you will be sure to enjoy yourself. If he does truly love you then you can consider yourself the luckiest woman on earth. This is because you will have landed an extremely passionate lover who takes commitment with uttermost seriousness it deserves.

Scorpio Man Sexuality Traits

The Scorpio man is a wild one and you should not joke around with him when it comes to the bedroom. Scorpios love to take full control when it comes to sex. Besides taking full control of your entire body, he will want to control your mind as well. He is the type of guy who will give commands in bed and expect them to be followed.

If he knows you are the woman he wants to be with, then you shall have him all to yourself. However, if you are not that woman, he will probably have a couple more of other partners. Sex for this man can be quite violent.

If you are having a calm and romantic time together, he can suddenly grab you and take you to bed. His wild animal instinct presents itself in this case and all you can do is submit to him.

Most of the time, the Scorpio guy is emotional and he surprisingly combines emotions with sex. He can be a bit reserved and might need some confidence to make a move. However, once he overcomes his shyness he will go at it full swing, making his fantasies as well as yours come true.

He is not a fan of talk in between the sheets. Rather, he prefers communication through touch and eye contact. He also enjoys foreplay and any other exciting aspects of sex. The normal boring games will definitely put him off.

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  1. I’m a mercury ruled 6th house of the Sofia Wheras we tend to be more mental than emotional on occasion our sentimental side demonstrates itself without reserve for those whom we deeply love I fully embrace this signs verbal and non verbal cues up and down volition of pride and master jargon of intrigue not only lightens but delights my interest and intellect suitable to and for a..#Virgo

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