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Lion Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Lion Animal Totem Symbolism

Quiet, patient Lion, laying in the warm African Savannah. Known as a King among the animals, seen often to rule over all the other Kingdom about them.

But also is the Lion animal totem known for it’s laziness, always seen to be laying about the field, yawning mightily, ignoring much of what goes on about it. What is the inner nature of the Lion spirit guide, what does he really represent in his rule of the world about him?

Lion Associated Traits

Familial closeness, community, intuition, courage, cooperation


Symbolic Meaning Of Lion

Lions as spirit guides are known to be utterly fearless, and their roar can instill pause and terror in those who hear once the beast is roused. It is this that gives the illusion of laziness, they do not bother themselves with the world about them unless it is foolish enough to impede upon its demesne.

The Lion lives and lets live, until its realm is threatened. Then it will raise it’s head in a mighty roar, calling down those who would cause harm to his. This is often enough to give those creatures pause, and for the King to return to his rest.

Amongst the Egyptians it was seen as the symbol of the rising sun, and can indicate that your inner self is rising to the surface of the world. So the Lion symbol in your life may tell you that the future represents a time of becoming for you, that you shall rise from the shadows of the night, into the great sky of day and shine your radiance down upon all those about you.

Celtic Animal Birth Sign Reading

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Those who know the Lion meaning may also know that they are deeply tied to their familial groups, known as Prides. What an appropriate word. Those who see the Lion interacting with its family will see pride in those that will grow to follow it, and a great and adoring protectiveness for those it loves.

Pride, evident in it’s raised head bound with its mane. It knows it’s family is well capable of taking care of itself, and only under greatest threat will the male rise from his rest to bring down those who oppose him.

Lions are such a great symbolism of strength that they have been shown as an obstacle that only the greatest can overcome. Think on the story of Hercules from Greek mythology, where he was sent out to take down the great lion of Macedon, a beast that no other had been other to bring down. It took a man who was half a God and known to be stronger than any other to successfully conquer the Lion, such is the Lion’s strength.

If a Lion animal totem is in your life, know that he is lending his strength to you, he only walks with those that are strong, or have strength within them. His intuition about threats is unparalleled, and so will yours be. He also speaks of cooperation, so if Lion has entered your life, look for projects or situations that will require a group working in conjunction to overcome or complete.

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