Koi Fish Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Koi Fish Animal Totem Symbolism

The koi fish is a colorful Japanese carp with many symbolic meanings attached to it. In Japan, they are highly revered not only for their beauty but also for their connotations in life.

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Since ancient times, they have incorporated animal symbolism, especially when concerning fish, into their daily lives. Theirs is a culture that takes the teachings of animals and nature to heart, allowing their hearts and minds to be filled with the Earth‘s messages.

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The Japanese also find this particular fish to be exceptionally mesmerizing, taking all who gaze upon it into journeys of deeper perceptive states. By increasing your perception, you amp up your energy and enable more prosperity to come into your life. As a water creature, Koi fish animal totems are associated with all of the marvel and calming properties of water, such as fluidity in movement, feelings, subconscious and the psyche.

There are several species of Koi, each with their own defining colors and markings. Accordingly, each type has its own spiritual overtones and meanings. A black fish, called Kumonryu, is named after the Japanese dragon of transformation and is said to signify upcoming life changes. Ogon, the platinum colored Koi, symbolizes the fulfillment of wealth via success in the business world.

The gold fish, Yamabuki, fittingly symbolizes gold, wealth, and good fortune. Koi also come in two varieties of white and red. Kohoku has a white body with a red mark on its head and is thought to symbolize success and advancement in your career. Kuchibeni, on the other hand, has a distinct red mark nears its mouth that mimics lipstick. This fish is meant to inspire loving and long-lasting relationships.

Koi Fish Associated Traits

Transformation, Motion, Intuition, Motherly, Patient, Courageous, Focused, Prosperous


Symbolic Meaning Of Koi Fish

The Koi fish spirit guide swims into your life as a sign of good luck and prosperity, so use this time to work hard and dream big. It encourages us to search for fresh new opportunities and take full advantage of them while revitalizing old projects that we have allowed to go unfinished.

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As a peaceful and poised creature, this fish symbol brings us chances for mental transformation through meditation and reflection. It is also important to note the differences in symbolic representation based on the color of the Koi. A black one is thought to bring about major life changes, and a gold Koi represents wealth and abundance. A white-bodied Koi with a red mark on its head signals you to push forward in your career while a white one with red around its mouth encourages long-lasting and loving relationships.

This calm Koi fish spiritual totem is most drawn to people who have a gift for creating wealth in their lives. They also help others to achieve this success with happiness. Koi people have the ability to transform just about anything into gold, a symbolic representation that teaches us to always find the silver lining in any situation.

The koi fish meaning is symbolized by virtues of tolerance, endurance, focus, ambition, staying power, strength and prosperity, and they speak of these values directly to us. We are reminded that we know both how to stay calm in the face of adversity and when it is time to turn to meditation and reflection.

Seeing a Koi fish symbol in a dream indicates that you need to get over your ego and put aside your pride for a minute. These things frequently get in the way of friendships and relationships, which is something that we want to actively prevent.

When this fish is swimming in a pond in your dream, it is representing love, affection, and friendship: the three most beautiful human interactions. Take this as a reminder to appreciate your solid existing relationships or be open to new ones that may be just around the corner.

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