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8 Ways To Ask A Gorgeous Woman Out

8 Ways To Ask A Gorgeous Woman Out

When you see that captivating girl across the room, do you head straight over and start up a conversation or do you head the other direction?

Not to worry. If you’re not a natural at witty banter, try these strategies to ask a woman out.

These will never fail and are fool-proof.

#1. Catch her attention and smile

Before you even head over, get her attention. Let her know that she’s caught your eye and when she looks at you, give her a smile. Don’t give her a crazy grin, just a natural smile that says looking at her makes you happy.


You may want to catch her attention a couple of times to see how she reacts. If she turns away or frowns and refuses to look at you, then she may not want company tonight. But if she smiles back, head over to say ‘hi’.

#2. Say ‘hi’ like you’re glad to see her

When you go to talk with her, head straight there. Don’t get sidetracked by people wanting to talk to you. Don’t start off with a corny pickup line.

Start with a natural and genuine ‘hi’ and introduce yourself. She wants to see a man who’s relaxed and happy to see her. Not someone who’s trying too hard to impress her.

saying hi

#3. Offer a humorous observation

If you can get her to chuckle right off, she’ll be much more likely to open up. Start with a funny observation, for example, “I wanted to stand on this side of the room because it makes me look taller.”


Or ask a funny question: “Do you think this tie goes with my nose? My friend says not, but I think it’s a good match.”

#4. Ask a question that she’ll say ‘yes’ to

If you can’t get a giggle from your would be girl friend, ask a question that she’s sure to agree with. For example, ask her if she’s loving the new warm weather, or if she’s glad the weekend’s finally here.


When a girl agrees with you, even about something mundane and obvious, she shifts to a positive frame of mind and she’s going to be more open to carrying on the conversation.

#5. Give her an honest compliment

She gets it that you find her attractive. General flattery will look disingenuous. But if you compliment something specific, a dress that looks great on her, gorgeous eyes or a sparkly smile, she’ll be delighted. You might tell her that you noticed her great smile from across the room, which is why you wanted to come talk with her.



If you compliment something natural to her, like her beautiful smile or eyes, she’ll feel more attractive than if you compliment something like clothes or shoes. But whatever you choose to say, be sure to focus on what you genuinely find enchanting.


#6. Ask her about herself

After a few opening gambits, it’s OK to ask her about herself, but don’t get too personal. Ask about what she does, if she’s there with friends or if she’s celebrating someone’s birthday.

You can inquire about her hobbies or sports and then springboard off her answers to keep the conversation going. If it’s going well, you’ll both be asking questions and following up on each other’s answers. There’ll be a natural flow.

Remember that your goal is not to impress her with your amazing accomplishments and physical prowess. Your goal is to show her that you’re a natural, fun guy who’s interested in her and who can make her smile.

#7. Offer to buy her a drink

When you do get to the awkward pause in the conversation, offer to buy her a drink. If she’s been enjoying the conversation and she’s happy for you to refill her glass, you know she’s giving you the green light.

If you’re in a crowded place, this is a good time to suggest that you two find a place where you can talk more. This is not an invitation for a snog in the back alley. It’s just a chance for you two to head to a quieter place to talk without interruptions and noise.


#8. Ask for her email or phone number

If your conversation has gone well and you’d like to see her again, finish up by asking if you can get in touch with her. See if she has a business card or if she’s willing to give you her email. Some women don’t feel comfortable sharing a phone number right away, but if you ask for the email, it’s a safe way for her to give you contact information.

You might think that gorgeous women literally fight men away with a stick, but in truth, many great looking girls never get approached because men are too intimidated to talk to them. So the next time you see a beauty you’d like to meet, don’t despair.

In just a few easy stages, you can go from catching her eye across the room to snagging her email and opening the door for the first date. You’ll see that if you take it step by step and read her body language, you can’t go wrong.

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