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Scorpio Woman And Pisces Man – A Genuine And Perfect Match

Scorpio Woman Pisces Man Love Compatibility

How compatible are Scorpio women and Pisces men mentally, emotionally, and sexually? The combination of the two water signs of the Scorpio woman and Pisces man can create an ocean or a flood. The female scorpion understands the emotional charge of the male fish and he can navigate her depths. But when there’s trouble, there’s no place for these two sun signs to meet.


Scorpio Woman Pisces Man Relationship – Pros

There are several ways the Scorpio woman blends well with the Pisces man. She is a more dominant personality than he is, and his ability to go with the flow means he has no problem with that. She will make the first move and strike up a conversation, and discover that he is an incredibly sensitive soul.

This explains why Pisces men are so intuitive and can read the Scorpio female better than almost any other sun sign. Even though she likes to be mysterious, he understands her in a different way that she admires and appreciates. The Scorpio and Pisces couple are soul mates in every sense of the word, for their still waters run deep.


The Pisces man doesn’t play games with his emotions or hers, and she receives the emotional balance she wants from him. And once he becomes fully comfortable with her, they will decide to move their relationship into the bedroom.

And here is where the Scorpio Pisces couple shines, for he experiences their lovemaking on the same sentimental plain that she does. He swims through her waves of passion and flows along with every change in her tides.


It may not be as intense as the Scorpio woman would like, but it’s one of the most beautiful unions in the zodiac. Her Pisces lover is genuine and offers her the most heartfelt sex of her life, and she reciprocates with her own uninhibited style.


This is where the Pisces male learns everything else about her, and she feels safe with him. The love compatibility in a Scorpio woman-Pisces man relationship is excellent, so make the most of it!

scorpio woman pisces man

Scorpio Woman Pisces Man Relationship – Cons

The only thing that may stand in the way of their perfect romantic union is his dreamy nature. The Pisces man is often ruled by his feelings, so much so that he is constantly off in his world. She may have to work to bring him back into her reality, and this can be a turn-off for her.

The Scorpio woman wants to be his center of attention, because he knows her so well, and he will have to struggle to remain with her in the real world. But she can help him to be more grounded and he can lift her out of the dark waters to find harmony. This will help with their day-to-day life as well.

Scorpio women are more ambitious and successful than their Pisces counterpart, and she naturally takes control of their responsibilities. He has no problem allowing her to manage their affairs, as he is more laid back than she is. This may anger her if she wants him to take more initiative in his life, for he doesn’t care about success as much as she does.

And if it becomes an issue, the Pisces male will feel the lash of her stinger. This will cause him to retreat underwater, and she will have to be patient with him before they can resolve their differences. He may also have some grandiose ideas of what their love should be, ideas that she either can’t live up to or won’t agree with.


Scorpio is a fixed water sign whereas Pisces is a mutable water sign, the Scorpio woman Pisces man compatibility gets a FIVE Hearts rating. These two sun signs need to focus on their strengths and be patient with their weaknesses, for together they can last a lifetime.

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