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7 Surprising Tips For Irresistible Online Dating Photos

7 Surprising Tips For Irresistible Online Dating Photos

Your online dating photos are the most important part of your profile – and the hardest to get right. You’ll be tempted to grab some old ones from that last Halloween party where you dressed as Lady Gaga, but don’t be lazy.


Even if you’re not Vogue cover material (who is?!), a great set of photos will be your best date catcher. Here are 7 quick dating tips to make your photo gallery your best tool for finding love online.


#1. More isn’t always better

When it comes to your online dating profile, between 4 and 7 photos is the best number. You need enough to show various aspects of your life and to give a realistic impression of your physical self. But too many makes you seem narcissistic.


#2. Put your best face forward

For your face close-up, make sure your skin and makeup are in the best possible condition. For women, don’t wear iridescent or shimmery make-up. It looks great in a club, but makes your skin look oily in photos. Men and women who don’t wear makeup should still use oil-blotting cloths to cut the shine.

Also figure out your best angle. Don’t look straight at the camera. Look a little to the right or left. Don’t use a photo that only shows a corner of your face, like the profile pics that are so popular on Facebook. This is a dating site. Show your whole face.


#3. Include a full body shot with good lighting

None of us is perfect, but it’s important to show your true figure. If you don’t, potential dates will think you have something to hide. You can make any shape more attractive with good grooming and flattering clothing. Neutral or muted colors look best. And don’t wear clothes that are either bulky and loose or too tight.

Make sure your hair looks excellent and choose clothing that complements your figure but stays understated. Your personality should shine through. Also, use natural poses in which your body is angled away from the camera, your arms are bent, and you’re leaning into the camera slightly. These tricks prevent the camera from adding visual pounds to your frame.


#4. Avoid the awkward photo smile

Posing for pictures makes most people feel uncomfortable, and it shows in those weird smiles we see enshrined on mantelpieces everywhere. Make your smile more natural by creating genuine emotion. For example, if you’re having a friend take a picture, reminisce about a great time you guys had together.

Or look at a picture of puppies or babies. If you can create real happiness and laughter for the photo, your naturally gorgeous smile will come through.

#5. Include a shot of yourself with friends or family – never with old boyfriends

Your prospective dates want to see that you have a life filled with good relationships. Get some pics at family get-togethers, your best friend’s birthday dinner or even a recreational day with work friends. Do not, however, include pictures of you hanging on to a past love. There can be no new sparks in the presence of old flames.

with friends

#6. Show yourself doing the things you love

Shots that include your hobbies will make a terrific impression. You look natural and fun doing something you love. And you’ll attract people who love similar hobbies. Don’t fake these pictures.

If you hate camping, don’t stage a tent scene for the photo as an attempt to attract dates. It’s as bad as lying in your profile description, and you won’t have any fun when your date surprises you with a hiking expedition in the untamed wilderness.

man with pet

#7. Include photos with your pets

If you love your pets, you’ll be looking for a mate who loves them, too. So showing yourself with your furry friends will show anyone who sees your profile how much they mean to you. Those who love animals will be extra attracted. No dog lover can resist an adorable dog face. And those potential dates who can’t stand pets or who are allergic will move on and not waste your time.

Making sure you have amazing profile pictures takes a bit of effort. But if you really want to attract someone special online, you have to go the extra mile. These snaps are a window to the life you want to share with someone. Make sure you’re showing off the best of yourself, and you’ll be surprised how well they work for you.

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