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Tarot Meditation For The Hermit Reversed

Associated Colors:

Gray for loneliness and isolation

Meditation For The Hermit – Reversed

The tarot meditation of the reversed Hermit is a painful and perilous place to be. It represents enforced isolation, willful or forced ignorance, and sorrow in loneliness.

Prepare yourself for this journey, for it is to be a dark one. Perhaps even as dark as the path of the Lovers reversed. Lay out your gray cloth, with it’s candle placed at it’s top, and the Hermit reversed placed in front of you.

As you begin to slip into the meditation, feel the departure of all you’ve loved and cared for. The touch and warmth of a life of love and learning, of friends and companions, fading away as you slip into the shackled mind.

Your eyes open to the dim light of a cell, light filters in through the bars of the window, but the walls are bare, dripping stone. There are others near you, in their own cells.

But they do not seem to recognize your presence. They do not respond to speech or prodding, turning away from you at the slightest provocation.

This tarot meditation on the Wheel of Fortune card inverted, is dedicated to what happens when people give in to hopelessnessAs you wander through the halls of this prison, you find that all is the same. You find your way into a library, and find there a librarian. As you ask for a book to read, you find that they are all empty, not a word upon their pages.

Should you ask questions, none of them are answered, and in all cases, no one will speak to you, respond to you at all beyond the silent librarians handing out of wordless books.

You realize you are utterly alone here, and there is no door, you can find no way out, no exit. Even the windows are covered with frosted glass, you have no way to know if there is a world outside these walls.

The prison, you realize, is that of your own mind. The only way to break the bars, to free yourself, is to know that you can be free, to accept it as truth. These are the keys that will bring down your prison, it’s up to you to make that choice.

As you come out of the tarot meditation of this Major Arcana card, think on this solitude and loneliness, think about how our ignorance is so often of our own doing.

Think on your journeys through the cells, and see what messages are in there for you, to lead your way out of darkness. Record them in your journal that you keep for your meditations, and work to free yourself from what bonds hold you!

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