Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Tarot Meditation For The Devil Reversed

Associated Colors:

Green for corruption, infection

Meditation For The Devil – Reversed

This tarot mediation on the devil reversed will focus on the prisoner, the person with a monkey on their back, and what it means to be them. In this meditation we will find ourselves toadying, trying to please another, or at least trying to appease some inner need. On the table in front of you, place a cloth of green, something unnatural and ill looking, and then place the candle at its top, and lay the card down on it upright.

As you slip into the meditation, let your mind be filled with concern for another who is always asking. Let your body be filled with a need that must be met, whether it’s hunger, or sex, or just to make someone else happy. You will find yourself on a pleasant, clear sunny road, walking through a nice town.

But with you is a man heavily laden in chains, who clanks with every step. He seems blissfully unaware of his bondage. You can see where the chains have bitten into his wrists and ankles, leaving bloody sores and worn skin. On his shoulders sits a beast, no mere monkey, but a mandrill with teeth like daggers.

Every moment of his day is spent making accommodations mindless for his burdens, stepping over and around things to clear his chains, feeding the baboon on his back to keep it from tearing out his hair.

This tarot mediation on the devil reversed will focus on the prisoner, the person with a monkey on their back, and what it means to be themSaddest of all, you can see from looking at the man he has no idea how unhappy it makes him. Every action spent trying to please another, every moment a decision made that is not what HE would do, but what he was driven to do.

He can no longer afford to feed the mandrill, the chains make it impossible for him to work, and the mandrill desires feeding constantly.

So he has turned to stealing what he must to feed it, scavenging in the garbage if all else fails. It has come time to leave this pathetic creature that never realizes that the chains to its own freedom hang about his neck.

As you come out of this meditation, think on this man, think on who he is and how he lives his life. Is there a piece of you in him? It is dangerous to live our lives at the behest of another, unless that is truly what brings us happiness.

So take your notes in your journal, and pay attention carefully to what you noticed, there may be a message in there that holds your own key.

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