Tarot Meditation For Justice Upright

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Gold for Justice

Meditation For Justice – Upright

This tarot meditation of the Justice card upright will focus on the concepts of fairness, honesty, and true Justice. The gold cloth must be laid out before you, with the candle at the tip, and the card placed upright. As you begin your meditation, focus on the concepts of open-mindedness, and the examination of all data from an objective view point.

As you settle into your meditation, you will slowly find yourself in a courtroom. The plaintiff and defendant can be seen seated in their sections.

The Judge, gavel in hand is seated at their podium. Off to one side you see the jury, seated quietly and waiting to hear the evidence brought forth.

The lawyer of the plaintiff comes forth, describing in detail, in even and non-provocative language, the crimes of which the defendant has been accused. He brings forth, without fanfare, the pieces of information that will best represent his case.

This tarot meditation of the Justice card upright will focus on the concepts of fairness, honesty, and true Justice. Occasionally he begins to conjecture, but the Judge upholds every objection put forth by the defendant’s lawyer. He will have no persuasion in his court, he will have no media show. His only concern is that the case presented is complete and correct.

The audience supports his decision with cheers, crying down the lawyer’s attempt to bring dishonesty and conjecture into the courtroom. Only the facts, only the honest truth, it is the Jury’s job to decide the case.

Once the plaintiff ends his opening statement, the defendant’s lawyer comes forth, presenting his information in the same fashion. The jury sits quietly, listening, nodding when the information put forth is put forth without fanfare, frowning deeply when any form of dishonesty or conjecture is put forth.

The case proceeds, with the information being presented in the fashion already described. There is no room in this court for anything other than the complete honest truth.

In the end, the decision is laid out in a fashion that carries Justice. The penalty is neither too high, nor meaninglessly low, and both the plaintiff and the defendant find the judge’s ruling fair.

The reaction of everyone is satisfaction, true justice has been served here today, uncorrupted and pure. As you observe the case, keep track of it’s content, the nature of the charges, and how they may pertain to you.

Write your observations down in your journal, and pay special attention to anything that seems geared towards you. Remember, when making a decision, let honesty and Justice prevail!

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