Coyote Totem – Does It Mean Good Luck?

Coyote Meaning – A Symbol Of Wisdom

The coyote totem is a mysterious and sly creature the prowls through life unnoticed. That is until you fall victim to one of its notorious ploys. Wolf spirit animal is the master of playing tricks. It often called the clown of the animal kingdom.

Moreover, coyotes as animal totems are shape-shifters. They quickly transform their identities. Some cultures view fox spirit animal with great reverence and appreciation. It has found itself as the main character in several myths. It acts as a guide into a new world and symbolizing the circle of life.

Additionally, the behavior and mannerisms of the frisky coyote animal have earned it a specific reputation. Accordingly, coyote totem animal is a symbol of skill, intellect, and cleverness. This creature is never short of creative ideas. Moreover, it has tactics to ensure its success in whatever it is doing. Whether it be a serious endeavor or a naughty little trick.

Equally, the coyote spirit guides are spunky and impish. Often they symbolize youth and childishness. But this does not need to be considered insulting. Adults would do well to recall their own playful and rebellious sides. They could utilize them for the innocent enjoyment of themselves and others.

A major symbolism associated with the coyote spiritual totem is that of the importance of instinct. Our instincts develop surely into adulthood.

Consequently, we should never brush them aside. They are one of our most useful tools. Just as the coyote uses its instincts to be resourceful, so too should we.

Coyote Associated Traits

Trickster, Intelligent, Innovative, Inventive, Tactical, Youth, Impish, Fun, Mischievous

coyote totem

Spirit of a Coyote

When a coyote animal totem lurks in the corners of your life, he is reminding you to lighten up. It is telling you that you have been taking things entirely too seriously. It also recommends that you stop to relax once in a while.

Burmese Astrology Sign

Date of Birth:
Time Of BirthBefore 12 PMAfter 12 PM

Everyone experiences stressful times. However, our health and happiness are dependent on ceasing dwelling and letting go. Working hard is important. But we should also take care never to undervalue doing things that give us joy and pleasure.

Instead of concentrating on your worries, try thinking positively. As with everything in life, healthy balance between two extremes is the key. We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable to enjoy the most in our lives. Also, we must have the ability to see clearly and protect ourselves.

Coyote Totem Meaning

On a lighter note, the playful coyote animal guide values practical jokes and pranks, embracing the fun-loving and mischievous side of life. Humor is one of the greatest medicines for many of life’s ailments. This is especially true when considering your family.

Coyotes belong to tight-knit families (or packs) and care very much for their children. They signify the degree of comfort that comes in the family circle. Additionally, they remind us that we need not wear any mask with our kin. The family is the one true area of complete openness. Hence we should always feel comfortable and at home around them.

If you are seeing a coyote at night, it means you are not honest with yourself. It is symbolic of a deception that is occurring in our lives. The coyote spiritual guide wants us to be strong, overcome internal weaknesses, and be able to adapt to new situations.

Coyote Symbolism in Dreams

Sometimes, a coyote may attack you in your dream. It shows that you are allowing yourself to focus on your negative attributes. You must fight this and guide your thoughts down a positive path.

As a tricky creature, it symbolizes that we may be being tricked. Are you trying to convince yourself of something that you know in your heart is untrue? Are you giving someone the benefit of the doubt when they are not worthy of such trust and confidence?

If so, you must check your priorities and deal with the situation. The mournful howl of the coyote may also be warning you for a severe illness. It also predicts a dramatic change or death. There is nothing you can do to change this. Nonetheless, it will help to prepare to endure it. Like the savvy coyote, we must be capable of being flexible.

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