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A Cynic And A Dreamer In Love – Thoughts To Ponder!

What Happens With A Cynic And A Dreamer In Love?

A cynic and a dreamer in love may seem impossible because they share an entirely different opinion about life. But this is possible despite their opposite views. The two of them also have different opinions when it comes to love and relationships.


For the dreamer, love exists, and it’s a beautiful thing that ever happened to humanity. But for the cynic, love doesn’t exist at all. So while one believes in the practicality of love, the other believes it is just a theory formulated by people, and it’s nothing really.

This makes people conclude that a relationship between a dreamer and a cynic is practically not possible. But it is despite the challenges. This is what happens when a dreamer falls in love with a cynic.


A Cynic And A Dreamer In Love – Things to Look Out For!

1. Dreamers always Take the First Step

In most cases, cynics hide their feeling, and they may never accept that they have truly fallen in love. So in a relationship between a dreamer and a cynic, the dreamer always makes the first move.


They are the first to say “ I love you” to put the cynic on the spot. They don’t just say the words but practice them. Dreamers begin to show lots of love, care and affection towards the cynic, while the cynics try to pull back.

They are usually afraid to be entangled with the love webs of dreamers. With this, they try to lay back as much as possible and put in less time and effort. They don’t mind if it works or not.


2. Sexual Life and Purpose for it Differs

Dreamers go into sex to have great pleasure and satisfaction with someone they truly love. But the cynic may see the partner as just a sex toy and can be brutal.

They go in for the fantasy of it and without much feeling. So it may just be like a battlefield with the cynic trying to show supremacy.

3. The Perspective about Love Differ and they Show it Differently

So while the dreamer thinks a love relationship is possible and can work perfectly, the cynic believes everything said about love is a fallacy. Cynics also want to be in their comfort zone and have space for themselves. They wouldn’t want to be with a clingy partner and sees that as suffocating.

But the dreamer feels good around their partner and always wants to work hard to make things work. Nonetheless, the two may feel a great attraction between them, yet it becomes very difficult to come to common terms.

4. They Have Different Viewpoints

With their different ideologies and positions on issues, a debate between a dreamer and cynic can be endless but interesting. Dreamers argue with passion and operate on the consciousness of the cynic, while the cynic takes advantage of the vulnerability of the dreamer’s heart.

So while the dreamer tries to be real and futuristic, the cynic argues their points based on opinions. This can result in endless but very interesting debates.

Both of them try as much as possible to get the other partner to accept their perspective. And they do this out of love. Even if they hurt each other during such times, they find ways to address it later.

5. The Relationship can be a Sweet Dream or Worse Nightmare

This happens in almost every relationship, but it can be different regarding the relationship between a dreamer and a cynic.

cynic and a dreamer

When these two groups of people fall in love, their world and perspective begin to change or shape up. Each of them becomes very careful and alert not to be on the other’s wrong side.

So it’s either the dreamer makes the cynic believe in love or add up to their already preconceived ideology.

The dreamer also is affected when things go bad. This makes a relationship between a dreamer and a cynic a sweet dream or a nightmare. When things are working for them, it is very visible, and the signs are clear.

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