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7 Ways Your Intuition Can Help You Spot A Liar

Intuition can help you spot a liar in 7 Ways

All of us were born with the gift of intuition. What is intuition, you may ask? Well, it is when you can understand something instinctively without having to use conscious reasoning. How to spot a liar with intuition.

Albert Einstein believed in intuition. He referred to it as a valuable asset that we all possess.

Have you ever heard people referring to their sixth sense? Well, Albert Einstein believed that our sixth sense is our most unused sense. In his own words, he described it as “a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance of something.” Intuition can be referred to as an inner sense, gut feeling, innate wisdom, or spiritual guide.


As children, we relied on our intuitions to warn us of possible problems or dangers. As we grew up, we were taught by society’s rules to look at a situation. We base our responses on what we have been taught. As adults, our reasoning skills stepped in, and most situations were over-analyzed.

However, there is still that small percentage of intuition lying quietly within all of us, ready to be awakened. All it takes is a little quiet time each day to focus on our inner voice and to forget about everything else. It’s called meditation.


Did you know? According to scientists, only 20% of our brain is used for conscious thinking. 80% is dedicated to our subconscious thoughts.

Meditation to Stop Lying

If we practice meditation daily, we will tune into our intuitive voice to guide us. You know it’s your sixth sense communicating if you have a tingly feeling, or you can hear that little voice inside your head. These feelings can be referred to as gut feelings.

We can use our intuition to our advantage by using it to help us spot someone who is lying to us. We can look for some signals in their body language and their reaction to questions asked.


How to Spot a Liar with Intuition

1. Using long, unnecessary sentences

A person who is telling the truth usually gets to the point without hesitation. Their sentences flow and the conversation is easy. A person who is lying will give you more information than is necessary. They will include facts that are not needed and use long-winded sentences to try and distract your attention from the truth.

Yes, you may be talking to someone who loves to talk and share their life story. In this case, listen to your intuitive voice and let it help you make your decision.


2. Watching for body language signals

It’s always a good idea to watch whether a person’s body language is consistent throughout your conversation. People will start off conversing about general topics. Usually, their body language will depict relaxation and calmness during this stage.

Once the conversation changes to be untruthful, the person’s body language will become fidgety, stiff, and uneasy, possibly with a nervous twitch. They may even cross their arms in front of their bodies. Once this happens, it is just about 100% possible that you are being lied to.

3. Maintaining eye contact

“He has shifty eyes” is a saying used by many to describe someone who is being untruthful. Keeping constant eye contact is often difficult. You will find that the liar will look away, often hoping that you will not be reading too much into what they are saying.

Another saying is, “The eyes are the windows to your soul,” which most people believe is true. A person who is lying to you won’t maintain eye contact, fearing that you will see into their soul and, through this, conclude that they aren’t telling the truth.

4. How do they smile?

Another sign to look out for is how the person you are conversing with is smiling. A natural, true smile with good intent will always include the eyes and the lips. If a person smiles wholeheartedly, it will look as if their whole face is smiling. In some cases, a smile is used to mask how a person is truly feeling.

Always pay attention to how a person smiles as they may be using a smile as a front for a lie that they are telling you. Remember that fake smiles fade quickly, unless, of course, the person you are talking to has had lip implants! It’s best then to use the other warning signals I’ve suggested.

5. Breathing technique

If you notice that the breathing pattern of the person you are with changes, this is an indication that you are possibly being lied to. The natural reflex is to breathe more heavily because of the changes in blood flow and heart rate. Blood is being pumped faster. Therefore breathing becomes more irregular.

You will find that the liar will have trouble speaking because the mucous membranes in the mouth dry out due to a lie being told. If the person consistently takes a sip of their water or drink, this is the confirming moment. You are being lied to!

6. Using the word “No.”

Another way to establish whether someone is deceitful is by observing how they use the word “No.” Even though it is a short two-letter word, it can be a powerful keyword in a conversation. If a person says “No” and looks in a different direction or closes their eyes, chances are they aren’t telling the truth.

If they say “No” stretched out over a long period or hesitate before saying “No,” pay attention! This person is trying to mislead you. At this stage, your intuition may be giving you a signal.

7. Aggressive behavior

A normal conversation between two people will be balanced. Each person will add their bit to the conversation, and it will pretty much play out like a well-challenged tennis match. However, a conversation with a liar will be completely different!

Liars tend to get aggressive during personal conversations. This response is that they are trying to cover up an untruth but feel guilty for doing this. If a liar feels as if they are being interrogated, their defense will be to blame you. This will make you look like the guilty party taking the focus away from the liar.

My suggestion to you is to use the clues above to support your decision and not for the sole judgment of the party concerned. If you suspect that someone is lying to you, look for the signs. The more signs present, the more chance there is that you are being lied to.

Your intuition or sixth sense’s most important role is to guide you to the path that will be most fulfilling for you. Along the way, however, there will be obstacles. Listen to your inner voice and use the 7 clues above to guide you, and this will bring you back onto your path.

intuition to spot a liar

You will meet many different people along the way, but remember, not all people have your best interest at heart. Listen to your intuition and your subconscious mind, and you will spot a liar very easily.

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