Sun Yantra Symbolism

Sun Yantra Symbolism

As with all solar symbols, the Sun Yantra conveys a sense of strength and power. After all, the sun is the leader of all of the celestial bodies in the universe and the primary source of energy that is essential for all life. Focusing on these types of symbols will awaken the bold leader in you.

It will also inspire you to think outside the box in both creative and problem solving realms. Sun Yantras are your ally and serve to strengthen your mind and awaken your positive side, just as the sun brings light to the Earth. They are empowering depictions that provide avid practitioners with the extra energy that they need to live successful and joyful lives.


Meaning Of Sun Symbol

The sun in general is a diverse symbol that we can reach out to when we are in need of a variety of provisions in our lives, whether it be love and acceptance or warmth and healing. It is an incredibly powerful physical energy source whose symbolic and spiritual value might even outweigh its literal necessity.

Sun deities and symbols possess a higher wisdom and strength that every individual needs to call on at some point in their lives. It is there, waiting to offer its gifts to those who ask for them.

Sun Yantras symbolism is similar to all spiritual tools in that they require contemplation, focus, and deep awareness. Like other forms of the yantra, these combine the fundamental concepts of pictorial mandalas and verbal mantras. They embody divine wisdom and encouragement in a geometric design.

Generally speaking, Sun Yantras promote love, vitality, creativity, passion, and growth. Below, you can find information on several common Sun Yantras and their meanings.

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Sun Yantra Meanings

Creative Sun Yantra

The ornate Creative Sun Yantra is characterized by wild, winding rays that are representative of the unique creative nature found within each of us. It also contains the spiral symbol, which is indicative of the personal transformation that we each go through.

When we focus on this yantra during meditation, we can hear it summoning our creative side. Even a little attention paid to the Creative Sun will get the creative juices flowing.

Vitality Sun Yantra

When you require a reminder of your individual vibrancy, you can look toward the Vitality Sun Yantra. Often times, we exhaust ourselves with the chaos and happenings of our everyday lives. This sun symbol serves as an energy shot, infusing us with the bold energy that we feel we’ve lost.

We forget that we possess endless energy that we can put toward great uses, but the Vitality Yantra awakens our energetic spirit. It encourages us to never lose our inner fire. With long and flowing rays, the Radiant Heat Yantra also serves to pump up our energy.

When you are feeling down, you need only to focus on this particularly radiant sun portrayal. With hues of bold reds, oranges, and yellows, this image will have you up and running after only a short period of concentration.


Love Sun Yantra

Finally, what is a life without love? The bold, yet elegantly abstract Love Sun Yantra speaks to us of the importance of this. Before we can experience romantic love, though, we must first be capable of truly loving ourselves. This yantra focuses our attention on our own centers, placing our attention on our individual core.

When we can recognize our own lovable qualities, we can see them in others, as well. It starts a chain reaction which will result in a more loving world.

No matter which one you choose to utilize in meditation, the Sun Yantras bring about a total enriching transformation of both the body and mind. By delving deeper into our consciousness with these tools, we allow the energy of the sun to flow through our veins and light up our lives.

The radiating waves of the sun are warming and empowering, encouraging us to channel our leadership skills for a greater good. We are dynamic and energetic beings with unlimited potential. No matter what hardships, ailments, or stresses we may experience, the Sun Yantras are there to put us back on track.

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