Cat Prints Symbolic Meanings

Symbolism Of Cats

Cats have made a lasting impression on humans for thousands of years. The big cats as animal totems have long been a symbol of power and the small domesticated house cats have warmed the hearts of people for centuries. These creatures emit mystery, freedom, and opportunity, moving in silence and striking with ease.

However, they also symbolize loyalty, both to others and to the self. Cats needn’t pretend that they are something they are not. They know what they want and they strive to achieve it. The paw prints of cats symbolize the presence they have in people’s lives. Just as their sizes vary greatly, so do their paw prints. This is just one of the many things to consider when analyzing cat tracks and attempting to draw an interpretation.

cat footprints

Cat Prints – Symbolic Meanings

However, there are a few general underlying symbolism that we can associate with the paw prints left by cats. This includes focus, continuity, and destination, all of which concern the path that we choose to move forward on. In order to allow yourself to fully understand the spiritual messages that they convey, you must also take the nature of the animal, the weather conditions, and the surrounding environment into account.

For example, feline foot prints that are left in the snow deal primarily with the ideas of purity, honesty, and cleansing and renewal of the soul. This makes sense when we recall that snow, which is water, is a cleansing element. Additionally, we must consider the white color of snow that is associated with truthfulness and virginity.

Cat Foot Prints Symbolism

When identifying a cat’s paw prints, we must take notice of the specific placement of the prints, including the direction that they face. Prints that point North may be symbolic of new beginnings on your horizon. Perhaps this is a time for you to listen to internal ideas that you might have been suppressing or denying until this point.

Cat prints symbolism remind us of the importance of channeling and utilizing our unique sense of creativity. Each of us possesses a valuable wisdom and we must remember to not neglect the thoughts that arise within us. In order to take care of ourselves, as the solitary cat does, we must be in tune with our physical, mental, and emotional needs.

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Often times we can see that a cat’s prints are left in line with each other forming a type of trail. This is very curious and unique to cats because of how they move. In addition to continuity, a trail of cat prints symbolize our need to focus on our goals and have a vision for our lives. That is the main message that tracks from a cat speak to us: focus on your thoughts and make them truthful.

The line of prints that cats make is also symbolic of a path because of how they physically appear on the ground. As the tracks resemble a path, they incite us to assess our own current paths. Are we on the right one or do we need to reassess, diverge, and create another path?

cat paws

In this process of analysis and reflection, the cat’s prints meanings instruct us to filter out any and all distractions, channeling all our attention and efforts into becoming more pure of heart and mind. By centering on the truth, we make our paths more direct, repelling the negative segways that sometimes occur.

The focus on truth must be a consistent practice – no, a lifestyle – that characterizes your everyday life. In order to live like the mysterious cat and obtain all of our desires and dreams, we must keep this focus. When you encounter the tracks of a cat, remember to think of these things and delve deeply into yourself – your own wants and needs and strive for purity of heart.

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