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7 Feng Shui Tips to Manage Frustration

7 Feng Shui Tips To Reduce Anger

Feng Shui is a powerful Chinese method that utilizes space and placement of objects to positively affect the energy flow in a living environment. It has been used for centuries to lift moods and develop encouraging atmospheres to help rid stress and anxiety, and that’s what we’re going to discover today. So let’s dive into the seven ways we can use Feng Shui tips to manage frustration and reinforce positivity around us.


 #1. Discover the Power Position in Your Space

Whether you are in an office at work or living space at home, one of the first things you may want to do to develop a healthy, vibrant environment is discover exactly where that power position is in your space.

This is typically where you will find a flow of energy toward you—creative, confident, protected energy. It’s the place in your room where you will feel most protected and safe.

Once you discover this place, be sure to sit facing your door (and as far away from your door as possible) so that you are protected from behind as well.


 #2. Create a Safe Environment Around You

Take note of what’s around you and make it a point to create an environment that is clean and safe. Make sure no objects are lying around on the floor or in your way, especially in walkways and on steps.

You may also want to keep each room safe by keeping them well-lit and using soft lights at night so that you don’t trip and fall in the dark. Also, to maintain a comfortable and secure space, your furniture choices are important as well.


Be sure to choose furniture that is cozy and soft, things that make you feel good rather than uncomfortable or stiff. Be careful with placement as well.

If a chair is placed just as you walk in a door in a place that makes you feel like you may trip over it each time you walk in, then it may be best to move it to an area that makes you feel more secure and comfortable.

Feng Shui Tips to Manage Frustration

 #3. Find and Use Your Earth Element

The earth element in your home is essential. It symbolizes stability and structure, an excellent foundation for confidence and authenticity.

However, too many of the earth’s elements can create a stale environment that lacks creativity. So you don’t want to overdo it, but without an earth element at all, you are going to lack focus and willpower.


So, you will want to find a space that is southwest or northwest and many people opt for objects such as stones, crystals, rock, square shape décor, sand, mountains, beaches, etc. as their aesthetical design elements.

Colors often used are earth tones like tans, yellows, browns, whites, and subtle blues. Many people also use wood objects and wood furniture for a very minimalistic and rustic blend of décor with lots of crystal, porcelain, and ceramic.

Using these tips, you can create a very comforting earth element center of your home that will help increase your peace and security. It’s an essential quality, so be sure not to skip the earth element when trying to reduce tension and frustration in your life.

 #4. Reduce Edges and Sharp Corners

This is especially true for offices and areas with desks or other furniture that may meet at a point. You will want to avoid these sharp meeting points, corners, or sharp edges in your house or living space because it can create a feeling of restlessness.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling to have a sharp edge aiming toward you. Besides, it can be harmful to walk into as well, making it an obstruction as you walk and such.

To decrease the frustration and irritability, you may experience due to these types of situations. You will want to rearrange the furniture or soften edges and corners with things like plants and fabrics.

Feng Shui Tips to Manage Frustration

#5. Maintain a Well-Lit Space

Making sure your home is well-lit as noted before is critical. Frustration, impatience, and irritability can be increased by the anxiety felt when walking around in the darkness, but if you keep each dark area lit with a small soft light, you will be much more at ease when perusing hallways at night.

It makes a difference as many people don’t realize how much stress and anxiety are caused simply by walking in complete darkness alone or tripping over something that wasn’t seen.

By keeping things lit with soft, dim lights, you can create a comfortable environment that eases this anxiety for you and others.

 #6. Keep it Clean

Try to keep your space clean from clutter, especially in walkways and floors, but also be sure to clean out those areas we all forget. Perhaps you have a drawer that is stuffed with odds and ends. Or maybe you have a basement filled to the brim with mess and boxes and endless things you don’t need.

It may be a good idea to clean out those areas of clutter because believe it or not, when you have this type of build-up around you, it’s like an underlying itch that causes anxiety and insecurity. And it won’t go away until you remedy it. So, yes, it’s very important to keep those problem areas clean.

Feng shui plants

If you sense a build-up, take some time out and do a quick clean-up before it gets out of control. The more you stay on top of those problem areas, the less you’ll have to do when you finally clean it up.

A sense of order is a sense of calm, strength, and peace, reducing that frustration just like you need.

Feng Shui Tips to Manage Frustration

 #7. A Sense of Calm and Security

You can manage quite a bit of irritability and frustration in your life by maintaining a sense of calm and security within your living space or workspace. One way to do this is to add elements to your room.

Things such as candles, soft, beautiful lighting, fountains, and comforting décor. You may want to avoid bright colors and stick with those beloved earth tones for reducing stress and encouraging positivity to create that overall sense of calm.

Be sure to keep the environment as clean as possible and follow all of the above tips, and you will be surprised at how much peace and beauty will enter your space.

Feng Shui indeed does work wonders when it comes to genuine effects on your environment and lifestyle. And in turn, your body and mind. You will see an increase in your mental clarity, creativity levels, and overall mood.

Not to mention your stress level will heavily decrease by following these tips to manage frustration using the popular Feng Shui mode and you will see the effects immediately, even as you begin to prepare things.

So, if you are experiencing stress, anxiety, or frustration in your life, follow these seven easy tips to create a healthy environment that aids in beauty, peace, and stability.

And then revel in the joy that you will experience as you find comfort and strength in this newly felt space. It’s always fun to see others react as well when you make these types of changes.

You will notice even your guests feel safe and comfortable in your home, often commenting that they don’t want to leave because it feels so good to be there. So go and give it a shot to see just how much Feng Shui can change your bad day into a much better life.

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