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Dating A Gemini Woman

Dating A Gemini Woman: Overview

Dating a Gemini woman will keep you on your toes, for she is symbolized by the Twins. Her train of thought derails as often as her moods change, and she can’t stand still for long. But if you’re up for the challenge she will take you on a fun ride. Get more dating tips to keep up with the Gemini female!

Because her mind is going a mile a minute, the only way to catch the attention of this air zodiac sign is to join in on the conversation. And you will be joining in something, for the Gemini woman is never alone. She will be surrounded by friends, family, acquaintances, or even an ex who she still keeps in contact with.

gemini womanBecause the Gemini lady is always on the go, she tends to leave a trail of loved ones behind, but she always finds her way back to them. And she’s constantly meeting new people and adding them to her social circle. You will have to keep up with the boisterous conversation to keep her interested enough to get her by herself for a long lasing relationship.

Gemini Woman In Relationships

If you can follow her wandering intellect and enhance the brilliant conversation the Gemini woman originally began, you will score more than just a first date. Just make sure it never turns into idle chatter. For nothing is idle with this woman.

Your dates have to be out and about, where she can enjoy life to its fullest. The Gemini female has an open mind, so you can do calmer things like dinner and a movie, as long as the next time is bar hopping and dancing. She doesn’t care much about gifts, for she’s more of an action girl, so tickets to a raucous show or sporting event are the only things you should give her.

Offer her experiences and she will want to take you along. She will challenge you to keep things fresh and exciting, for she grows bored easily. And she may forget dates or be late because of other things she has going on in her life.

Be prepared to feel left out once in a while when she wants to switch things up and do things with other people. As is common with love compatibility for this astrology sign, breakups are common. But if you give her the freedom she craves, she will bring you to her bedroom.

Gemini Woman & Sex

And what a ride that will be, for Gemini women are up for anything. New games, new techniques, new positions – you name it, she’ll try it. She needs variety to keep her mind stimulated, so don’t worry about the physical stuff.

Your best bet is to keep her mentally engaged with fantasy or role playing and the rest will follow. Also, she’ll probably want to have sex in different places, so be prepared for a sudden pull into an alley or push up against a wall.


And if you want to remain a part of her life, this is what it will be. You’ll be constantly pulled in different directions like she is, and chaos will be a daily ritual. You’ll have to be ready at a moment’s notice for anything, but if you can take care of the household responsibilities she will love you even more for it.

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And while the Gemini woman may go off on her own, you can rest assured she will return to the ones she loves. Just remember there are a lot of people who care about her, so you will have to learn to like them too. Because to her, you’re all just one big happy family.

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