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Why Is She Afraid To Love Me?

Love is scary and risky. You have to put your trust in another person and they have to trust you back. You take a leap of faith hoping that things will work out for the best, that you both want the same things and that you will both work hard to stay together. But have you wondered why is your girlfriend afraid to love you back?

Is Your Girlfriend Afraid To Love You?

If you are in love with some one who is afraid to love, be kind and gentle. Take things slow. Make sure that she is afraid of love but not afraid of loving you. Meaning make sure that this is not an excuse to let you down easy or to never commit.

Also, make sure she is worth the wait. Don’t push her but ask her if she really does want to be with you someday? See if she will work on the problem or talk with a professional or a support group.

Is Your Girlfriend Afraid To Love You?

Afraid Of Change?

We are creatures of habit and a new love changes our whole world. That can be great if you are ready and prepared for it. But sometimes it is hard to be prepared and it can be very disruptive to our busy lives. Your girlfriend may feel like her life is going well or even her relationship is going well and she doesn’t want to lose that.

Will I Be Hurt?

Another fear of love is that it will not be returned or that she will be hurt. A broken heart can be very painful so a person might avoid those feelings in the first place. A person may even avoid telling their boyfriend that they are feeling that way towards them so that they avoid being hurt.

A little fear is good because otherwise we would fall in love too easily and too much. So if someone risks their fear than you know it is because the risk is worth the possible reward. And you have to risk your fear to be able to love and be loved in return.

Another fear of love is that it will not be returned or that she will be hurt.

Cons Of Avoiding Love

Besides avoiding love before it has even begun is a loss as well. In fact in may be a bigger loss than loving and losing because you never get the experience at all. That is just sad. Love is one of the grandest things in life. It can lift you up and make you whole. It is a deeper connection with another person that is rare and hard to find. So don’t avoid love just because you are afraid.

Fear Of Sex

Fear of intimacy can be an issue that takes years to work on. It is very difficult for anyone to change and it takes time. So you will have to be patient. It is especially painful for those who have been hurt or abused in the past or in their childhood to open up again to another person. But they have to be willing to work through these problems.

And you have to decide if they seem to be willing to work through these problems and whether or not they want to be with you. Some people want to get the walls up and other people out.

Fear of intimacy can be an issue that takes years to work on

Some times no matter how much you want to help a person or for them to get help it just doesn’t happen. This is a difficult lesson as well. Only you can decide if she is worth the time, effort and patience. If you really love her than only you can know if you think she will love you too.

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