Thursday, June 1, 2023

1 Card Tarot Meditation

One Card Tarot Reading

This reading has a little more introduction than most, but I like to think it is still a good example. Most often the extra, non-card impressions come at the end instead of the beginning, but this still gives you the basic idea. The intent is to give a very focused reading, that leaves a lot up to you and your intuition.

Q: I would like general guidance about working with my spirit guides and when will be ready to guide and counsel others?


A: That you are asking this question at all shows you are on the right path.

Personal growth is worth asking questions, seeking guidance, and respecting the process of it all. Guiding others is ten times so.


It is important to respect and focus on your growth first, and then you must take great care to give respect to other’s paths, including the divine (and sometimes difficult) lessons they call to themselves and must experience for themselves to learn what it is they need to learn.


Only when you can keep your self disengaged from their lessons, and focus on your own spiritual growth, can you hope to guide others. A good guide must not tangle their ego and path with their client’s choices. Sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes the best thing that other people can do is ignore our advice. This concept is essential if you are to do no harm, which I believe is the most important principle of all, especially in spiritual guidance.


So by that same token, to give you that same respect, only you can answer when you are ready to work with other people. My advice is always to approach the learning and experience with very deliberate intent. You must clearly and deliberately set your intent to work with your guides in an attitude of Love above all, or as one my teachers used to say, only for the “highest and best”.

Working with your OWN guides is a crucial step toward helping others – it has to come FIRST. I’ve always been taught that working with true guides is a positive, uplifting, loving thing. They want to help and heal…and to be heard. That is my first-hand experience as well.

Just listen, and they will find a way to communicate. If you think something is meaningful…chances are it IS meaningful. Spirit speaks through symbolism, and coincidence, and feelings. Once you are comfortable working with your own guides, it will be easier to ask the difficult questions that have to be considered before moving into guiding others… WHY do you want to guide others? Is it to help and heal, or is it to gain power and influence? What do you hope to accomplish? Are you the best one to help here, or should you defer to another? Is this the right thing for you? (guiding others is not the best thing for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be permanent…you can quit any time). A healer must keep questioning like that always.

As for the Tarot reading itself, I think one card, focused, “daily meditation” style reading would be the best choice. Think about the card, research it, learn all you can from it. There are no easy answers in working with guides or guiding others, so a little work on a card is no big deal.

Set your intent to Love, then trust your heart, and strive to do no harm…given those things, all will be well.

Your card today

Not surprising, your card is the Four of Wands. It’s meaning is “Strong Foundation”. The feeling, the message that seems urgent for you (as you can probably tell by what has been said so far) is to build a strong foundation. Build a strong foundation of working with your own guides before you consider trying to guide others.

There is a strong sense of caution…if you try to guide others too early, your own growth might become compromised. There is a feeling of a cult leader…not saying you will become one, but perhaps you are in danger to follow one. But the cult of personality is to be avoided either way. ”Anchor” “root” “ground” are all words that come to mind for you.

And there the energy ends, with a strong feeling of you must do this for yourself….find your foundation, and anchor and root. Be strong and wise for yourself…only later consider guiding others once you are on a strong footing for yourself. There is a mental image of a cement slab that must be poured before a tent or shelter is built for the shelter to be long-lasting, and helpful to those who use it.

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