Knight of Cups – Meanings & Interpretation – Minor Arcana

Knight of Cups Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Knight of Cups tarot card represents the ‘Knight in shining armor’ of the Minor Arcana.

He does not charge like the Knight of Swords, but instead is travels forth with serenity and calmness of mind. He exudes the romance and charm of a knight of his age, and brings love in a cup.


Offer of Love • Kindness • Temperamental • Aggressive • Fanciful • Refined • Romantic

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Upright

The Knight of Cups is deeply in tune with his emotions. He is the respectful and thoughtful lover, genuinely charming and romantic, and inspires the heart of poetry in others.knight of cups

He lives his life by his heart, not his head, and wants to embrace everyone in his warm loving air. He is the action following the inspiration of the Page of Cups.

Knight of Cups upright stands for fresh beginnings and spiritual development. Changes are going to walk into your life, especially those having a romantic angle.

You will tend to bring novel, creative and fresh ideas to your work. At this stage, many invitations, prospects and offers will come your way. Your biggest asset is your strong imagination and powerful insight.

You are a young and farsighted person whose talents have just begun to come into full bloom. You would be eager enough to put forward your efforts for realizing a particular objective.

Past Events:

Romance and love have filled your life the past few months. You’ve found it easy to be creative, and your connections with others have come easily and without effort. There has been pleasure in connecting with others, and your projects have been moving forward smoothly.

Present Events:

You are the warm little light at the center of your friends and families. Warm, open, loving, you’ve been making everyone’s lives just a little bit easier.

You’ve been able to inspire others, and assist in smoothing over the worst of the in family conflicts. Keep yourself focused on your own goals, but outside of that, keep going!

Future Events:

Love is coming, and it comes on a slowly walking horse. It will come on you with a warm and encompassing light, a gracious and patient person will enter your life, and when they turn their eyes upon you you will feel as if you’re the only person in the world.

Yes/No Interpretation:

Yes, all is well at hearth and home, now is in fact your opportunity to relax.

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed

knight of cups reversedThe Knight of Cups Reversed is emotions unbridled, he moves before thinking, and takes offense when it may not be meant.

He is the dangerous lover, the bad boy, and often the lover who appears wonderful, until his dark side appears. He is angry, jealous, and his emotions rule him like a typhoon.

Knight of Cups in the reversed position symbolizes untrustworthiness and irresponsibility.

You are likely to be an inborn liar and making false promises comes easily to you. You don’t even spare a second thought before resorting to unfair means like deception, embezzlement and fraud.

You are easily flattered by sweet talk. You often have trouble in realizing the borderline between where truth ends and falsehood begins. You love to wear a mask on your face to hide your true self and portray yourself as someone who you are not in actual life.

Past Events:

You’ve been being ruled by your emotions, and it has done you no end of harm. Whatever it is in your life that’s been driving you, it’s caused you great trouble.

It has led to you letting your emotions run rampant. Uncalled for jealousy, anger, and drama-llamaing have been a problem these past few months.

Present Events:

That situation you’ve been in seemed really appealing didn’t it? And now the shine is wearing off. You’re not seeing things incorrectly, you really need to get out of the situation and get away from the destructive influence.

Future Events:

Coming down the road is a person who will seem delightful, charming, loving, and at their core will be completely rotten. When you see this person, just get out of their way, you don’t need that kind of trouble.

Yes/No Interpretation:

This situation is out of your control. Do not let it try to keep you occupied, it’s time to let it fall from your hands.

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Zodiac Signs for Knight of Cups are Aquarius and Pisces

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