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Dating A Virgo: Patient And Loving

Dating A Virgo Tips

Patience is one of the virtues you have to learn when dating a Virgo. Most of them don’t have any hurry on selecting various this including love and relationships. So, dating a Virgo long distance has to help you make progress in everything you do. So, the Virgo male and females have something in common that can help you make life simple. But, what does the Virgo looks for in women? The Virgo is a font of love and commitment once they are in a relationship. Most prefer to spend some time doing a particular thing to achieve goals.


Dating A Virgo: Relationships

A Virgo’s behavior in love is quite different as they are not in a hurry to fall in love. So, when you are interested in them, you have to be persistent and patient with their hearts. Being close is how to keep a Virgo interested. Most of them are so in making decisions. So, Virgo in love is keen and could be open to making choices that will not affect their progress. Of course, most Virgos are very cautious in everything. So, with openness and a loving soul, that is how you will know the Virgo like you.


How do you Date a Virgo?

So, how do you date a Virgo? It’s so simple as they have similarities with Virgo females. When it comes to love, they prefer dealing with people who are responsible. Hence, when they communicate to you daily, that is how you will know that the Virgo is serious about you. When you become their choice, most will tell you how much they miss you. And that is exactly how you will know how a Virgo misses you. You must understand the Virgo in a relationship and do anything to ensure you are close to long-term relationships. Hence, that is how loyal and faithful the Virgo persons are.


Dating A Virgo: Cautious and Slow

Virgos are very cautious by nature, they rarely rush into anything, and that includes relationships. If you want to date a Virgo, then you need to be prepared to go slow and wait for them to open up to you when they’re ready.


Virgins are worth waiting for because once they are ready to commit to a relationship, they do it with the same dedication they approach everything else in their lives.

By nature, they are practical and down-to-earth, and they don’t see the point in romantic gestures like flowers. They want honesty and communication, not poetry and romantic walks in the moonlight.

dating a virgo

How To Date A Virgo Man

If you want to be wooed, then avoid the Virgo Man. The idea of romantic gestures will rarely occur to him, and even if it does, he’ll think it’s silly. He may also come off as very aloof and inattentive.

He’ll return your calls, but he’s not going to text you every hour to see how you are doing. Virgo males can be very charming, but they prefer to ease into their relationships, often starting as friends and then delving from there.

Once you are in a relationship with a Virgo Man, you’ll find that he is dedicated to being the best partner he can be. He may not understand the need for grand romantic gestures, but he will try and go out of his way to remember your likes and dislikes.

Virgo lovers tend to keep a lot to themselves. So don’t expect long, emotional talks, at least not right away. Instead, he is more likely to focus on pleasing you and making sure your needs are met. Virgos in love are perfectionists, and your Virgo man wants to be the best sexual partner in bed that he can be.

How To Date A Virgo Woman

Virgo women tend to have a preformed idea of their dream mate, and if they meet someone who fits that criteria, they go after them.

Virgo females do not wait to be pursued; they don’t really see the point. Instead, they attempt to logically begin a relationship even if it doesn’t lead to marriage.

All Virgos are perfectionists, and for the Virgo woman, there tends to be an obsession with being the perfect soul mate. Even if she is not particularly domestic, a Virgo lady will want to take care of her mate because she thinks that is the way it is supposed to be.

Virgo women do not like surprises or spontaneous plans. So if you are trying to woo her, keep that mind and let her have a hand in all the details, as planning things makes her happy.

Best Love Compatibility For Virgo

The best love compatibility matches for a Virgo come from your fellow Earth signs or complementary Water signs. Emotional Pisces and pragmatic Virgos are surprisingly a good match, and their differences complement each other, both able to accommodate the other’s strengths and weaknesses (Virgo Pisces).

Virgo Taurus match well as they are domestic and want to nurture but do it without being intrusive. Virgo Capricorn is compatible as you are both perfectionists and prefer to do things than to talk about them.

Not So Good Love Compatibility For Virgo

The worst matches for a Virgo come from Water and Air signs. Virgo Aries do not do well as they tend to be too domineering for a Virgo, while the Virgins are not spontaneous enough for them. Virgo and Leo are also a terrible match. Virgos do not understand the need for big romantic gestures, and Leos thrive upon them.

Virgo and Libra are not compatible as one’s balanced approach to life is the direct opposite of the other’s perfectionist ways.

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Dating a Virgo requires wisdom and patience. Such virtues are key when you are looking for long-term relationships with them. And a firm and decisive person can help in understanding different aspects of relationships.

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