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Periwinkle Flower Symbolism: Care, Faithfulness and Trust

Periwinkle Flower: Symbolism and Meaning

The symbolic meaning of flowers has been there for a long time. It helps us understand the meaning of certain flowers in our lives. Gifting people with flowers is a sign that you know what they mean; hence you know which flowers to give in what type of situations. The Periwinkle flower symbolism is one of the flowers that hold great meaning.


This flower was once known by the name ‘pervinca,’ which was given to it by Ancient Romans. The Periwinkle plant is highly resistant and is evergreen. Many people grow it as a decorative garden plant. It grows fast, requires less care, and blossoms for a long time.

These flowers should be sown in the Spring and before Winter. They can also be planted in the Summer. It does well in the sun and well-drained and fertile soils. The scientific name of the Periwinkle flower is Vinca Minor. See Also: Dreaming of Winter


In Christian art, this flower is a symbol of the virtue of chastity. It is a sign that you should always be pure. Live an impressive life and one that will get you places. Appreciate the meaning of life and all that comes with it.

What Meaning Does this Flower Hold?

The Periwinkle flower is a symbol of faithfulness and trust; therefore, in your life, always strive to be faithful and trustworthy to live a better life. Make your life the best example that people can follow. Always do the things that consider other people. As you elevate your life, do not forget the people who have always been there for you.


This flower is a small flower that has been in existence for over two hundred years. The word Periwinkle comes from the French word ‘poule-de-Roche,’ which means Rock Dove. It gets its name from its blue color, which is the color of the Rock Dove’s feathers.

The Periwinkle flower comes in several different colors, which are white, blue, pink, and red.


White Color

White signifies purity, great memories, innocence, and everlasting love. It is a sign that you should appreciate the people that play a major role in your life. Also, keep all the lovely memories you have had in your life because they are worth it. It is important to present these flowers to people you hold close to your heart.

Blue Color

Blue is a sign of pure intentions and new beginnings. Always be ready for the changes that take place in your life because they make you better. You can always gift these flowers to someone close to you who has given birth to a newborn.

Pink Color

This is the color of love and romance. You should be happy to be associated with this color. It means that love is in the air, and you should take great advantage of the same. It is a sign of everlasting love that needs to reign between you and your partner.

Red Color

The color red symbolizes lasting love, strong emotions, and passion. You feel so much for your partner that you have formed a bond that cannot be broken. At all times, work towards achieving romance and serenity in your love life. These flowers are great gifts to your partner just to remind them of how much they mean to you.

The Symbolic Meaning of Periwinkle Flower

Periwinkle flowers are also a symbol of hope. The meaning of the Periwinkle flower wants you to never give up easily in life. Take one step at a time and appreciate good things take time to manifest in your life. Be patient with yourself and make good use of your talents and gifts.

Do not be in a hurry to achieve success. Take your time, and things will fall into place. Do not allow the challenges taking place in your life to derail your growth. You are strong and confident enough to overcome them and come out victorious.

In Medieval times, people believed that if you were a prisoner and took the Periwinkle flower and smelt it, then your jailer would set you free.

This flower has a blue-purple hue that is a representation of faithfulness, love, and affection. Have a loving heart at all times. Do not allow the bad things happening in the world to cause you to hate other people because they are different from you. Love everyone as you love yourself. This way, the world will become a better place.

Cultural Significance of Periwinkle Flower Symbolism

The lovely blossoms of this flower are mostly gifted to people who have suffered loss as a sign of comfort and sympathy. It can also signify support.

At weddings, some people include a periwinkle in the bouquet for the purpose of good luck when they get married.

These flowers are the national flowers of the people of Georgia. They are a representation of protection and love. The Periwinkle flower has got a lot of positive connotations associated with it.

In some cultures, these flowers are referred to as ‘flowers of death.’ This is because their vines were once included in headbands that were placed on dead children. These headbands were also placed on the heads of criminals who were to be executed.

Once in the United States, Periwinkle flowers were planted in cemeteries to indicate gravesites of persons whose markers had disappeared or were damaged.

The Periwinkle plant has several medicinal properties. It contains more than fifty different alkaloids, including vinamines.

What do Periwinkle Tattoos signify? These tattoos are always blue most of the time. They represent hope, determination, tranquility, and peace.

Periwinkle Flower Symbolism: Conclusion

The Periwinkle flower is a sign that you need to be honest with yourself. Do not do things just because people are doing the same. Be your person and do the things that best work for you. Comparing your life with that of others will cause you to live a lie. Live your truth, and nothing will hinder your progress.

This flower wants you to acquire the sense of taking care of nature. Nature has messages for you that you should pay attention to. Do not destroy nature when you can do so much to help it. Always protect your environment and the creatures that live in it.

Periwinkle flower symbolism calls on you to be kind to others. Participate in humanitarian activities that bring out the best in you. Do all you can to ensure that you are always there for the less fortunate in society.

The Periwinkle symbolism is a reminder that you should cherish the friendships you have with people. Hold people who matter close to your heart and never let them go because they know and understand you better than anyone else.

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