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Isaz Rune Meaning: Keep Trying Again

Isaz Rune Meaning and Interpretation

What does the Isaz Rune Mean and what message does it carry?

Rune Poem for Isaz

“Is byþ offered,
ungemetum slidor,
glisnaþ glæshluttur
gimmum gelicust,
flor forste geworuht,
fæger ansyne.”

“Ice is freezing and
immeasurably slippery;
it glistens as clear as glass and
most like to gems;
it is a floor wrought by the frost,
fair to look upon..”

Rune Name – Isaz, Isa

Aett – Heimdall’s

Aett Position – Third


Isaz – Upright Meaning


Frustration, Problems, Challenges, Mental Blocks, Time That Doesn’t Move But Seems to Stand Still. A Long Wait To Achieve Clarity.


isa runeThe Isaz or Isa rune, a rune of Ice, first of all, elements. The Rime held things in suspension until the primeval cow cleared it, and the cosmic fire freed Midgard from its grasp. So the Isaz rune of the Elder Futhark speaks of things held in suspension, things not moving, growing, or developing. The power of the Isa rune can hold things frozen, unable to be more than it is. It can also form a chrysalis, such as the snow and ice over the winter field.


In spring, the ground will bring forth seeds that have been held in suspension until the time is right by Ice. Sometimes this time is important. It serves as a time of restoration and recovery and allows us to determine what things may need to be discarded when the ice thaws.


Isaz Magic Meaning

What does isaz symbolize? It would be brilliant if you would appreciate that struggle is part of life’s process, and that the key to success is never giving up. Additionally, you need to understand that any failure is a temporary stop, and it happens to everyone. So you need to gather your strength, look for alternative solutions, and keep trying.


An isaz reversed implies that nothing is guaranteed one hundred percent in life except the promises of God. Indeed you may try so hard, but at times, you fail. For example, maybe you have researched so hard for a project, sacrificed a lot towards your marriage, or studied hard for your exams but failed. You are on the brink of giving up, but this is not the time to quit. Figure out a formula and try again since quitting is allowing failure to shine for a long.

The isaz upright meaning tells you to recognize every success and celebrate your small victories to stay motivated all the time. Shun off any negative thoughts when they nag you. Try to think of something good or close your eyes and picture what you want to achieve in life.

Isaz Power Meaning

The Elder Futhark tells you to identify and figure out what might have made you fail. Analyze your situation and discover things to change to make a positive turnaround. Do not let your failures define you but fight to the successful end against all significant odds.

The Isaz protection meaning signifies that you need to stay close to people who challenge and motivate you constructively. Use the ideas of others to fine-tune your ideas and bring the best of yourself. However, you should not seek the approval of others in everything. Do not fear to be judged any others because your life is yours, not theirs.

Isaz rune means love

The isaz symbol advises you not to engage in the abuse of drugs or other substances in an attempt to hide or dull your frustration. Instead, try to identify other copying habits that are healthy and practice them regularly. For instance, practice deep breathing exercises, go for brisk walks, meet with your loved ones or friends, etc., to rid your mind of negativity.

The Isaz god tells you to boost your emotional intelligence to be in control of your hard feelings, even during challenging moments. Indeed there is nothing wrong with feeling bad after failing to achieve your desires; sadness, anxiety, anger, or shame may take over. You should not suppress your feelings altogether, but you should not allow them to run out of control.

Isa – Merkstave Meaning (Reversed)


Blind Faith, Tediousness, Indulgence, Illusions, Treason, Disloyalty, Infidelity, Trap, Secrets, Bad Luck.


isa merkstaveThe Mersktave Isaz rune warns us to watch against treachery, to protect ourselves from things that may lie hidden beneath the ice. It can serve to indicate that our kinship with another, or our relationship, is starting to cool off.

This can be the marker of a relationship on its way to dying in runes reading. Or it may merely be part of an ongoing cycle like fall turns to winter.

The Merkstave Isa rune can also indicate a disagreement with friends. Those who were once quite close to us are now a source of conflict and argument. It warns us that nothing positive can come to pass during this time and that we are in a time of stagnation, where no growth can occur.

Isaz Rune Conclusion

In summary, the meaning of Isaz Rune is that it would be wise not to treat failure as a sign of defeat but as a learning opportunity. Do not run away from your issues. Again do not avoid them because it would make things worse. If you feel too overwhelmed, boldly seek help from others. For instance, delegate some straightforward chores to others to boost your efficiency.

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