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What Is Animal Totem Meditation?

What Are Animal Totems?

Spirit Animals originate from Animistic and Totems beliefs. Totem is practiced by Native American Indians and the Australian Aboriginal people. This is the belief that each human has a spiritual connection with another living thing, plants or animal.

Animism is a world view held by many faiths that all plants, animals and object have spirits. In Animal totem, our guides are spirits of animals that serves as protectors and guides. In Aboriginal Australia, boys aged ten to sixteen go on walkabouts, finding their spiritual guide through nomadic lifestyle.


Some cultures call spirit animals power animals, and they empower its charge for success. Traditional shamans believe that totems of spirit animals guide and protect their charges in a meditative journey. An animal totem is a spiritual connection between a person and their guide, offering understanding into the subconscious mind. To find your own spirit animal, there are a few ways, depending on which culture’s Shamans. Dreaming, discovering spirit through nature or meditating are options.

Animal Totem Meditation

Spirit animals are embodiments of your subconscious, it is not possible to pick one based on the qualities you want. To find your spirit animal through meditation, shaman guides usually pick a meditation space through rituals.


The guides will guide the finder in a meditative journey to find their spirit animal. To do it yourself, you can add a prayer of intent, or add a white candle for purity of intent. Visualize a neutral peaceful space, like a clearing with a river to start. To strengthen the image, nature’s song such as whispering leaves or running water can help. Looking for a spirit animal does not mean that you can pick them, so it is best to leave your mind clear and empty, and not focused on a specific animal.


Examples Of Animal Spirit Guides

Wolf Animal Totem

Two examples of popular spirit guides everyone wishes they have. The wolf is a teacher and a guide for a journey in Native Indian American, they are intelligent, and loyal.


They teach you how to communicate and how to trust your intuition, particularly if you are not a team person. Wolves are pack animals and have an appetite to roam together. They are a popular depiction of animal totem guides in Western American movies.

Tiger Animal Totem

In Chinese totem, tiger symbolizes protection, dignity and courage. Parents used to put children in tiger costumes to keep harm away. Tiger encourages passion and fearlessness, and trust your instincts. Perfect guide for those who hesitate and unsure about their goals. In Native Indian, tiger represents valor and unpredictability, benefits those who needs a loyal friend.


How To Identify Your Animal Totem?

In Animal Spirits, not all are predator, Not everyone requires predatory instincts, and every spirit has its own strength and weaknesses. Your guide will choose you based on what you need in life: survival instincts, endurance, leadership and other traits. With assistance, you benefit from their teachings and their fortitude. Animal guides can also be from the mythical list. In Chinese culture, Dragon and Phoenix do appear as Spirit Animals. Unicorns appear to help those who require spiritual guidance or healing. Unicorns and Phoenix are good Animal totems for a healer. Tiger or lion animal totem for those who strive to protect people, parrots and meerkats for communicators who works to link people together.

Native American Astrology Sign

Date of Birth:

Always find a place that allows you to meditate for a while, at least about one hour, just in case the meditative journey takes longer. Do not be discouraged if your spirit animal does not show initially, it takes time for you to get to know the layout of your spirit animal’s home. With practice, your guide will eventually appear. It can be land animal, water animal or air animal, which is why a clearing with river or lake is a good place to meet your spirit guide initially.

Working With Your Animal Totem

Once you are comfortable meeting with your guide, you can ask them questions: name, strengths and weaknesses they bring to you. Or how to ask them to guide you in your inner mind when the need arises. Most spirit animals has a psychic call sign, which you can utilize like a prayer when you need help. Spirit Animals are wise, they can tap into the Universe to provide answers that might elude you. Good manners get you far in the spirit world, and the guides are happier to help you when you are polite. Ask them about their interest, or where they like to appear, so you can visualize the spot next time.


Next, find information about your animal guide, most have habits, likes and dislikes. Getting to know your spirit animal helps your conscious mind connect with the animal spirit better and can give you added strength and support. It is like knowing a new best friend, whom you can trust any time to watch your back in the psychic plane. Once you return to earthly plane, it is good idea to keep a journal documenting your interactions. Do a detailed research, remember to ask your spirit animal about itself and interest.


Why did your spirit animal choose you? It might have qualities that you can learn from, or you have similar traits and weaknesses that it can guide you to overcome them. Sometimes a life changing event or an emotionally challenging occurrence might attract you to your guide. But whatever happens, your animal guide is here for you. It can assist in more than just comfort and guidance. Your spirit animal can teach you its special traits, survival instincts that humans do not have.


The more you interact, the more you will feel their presence around you, even when you are in a conscious state. Your true best friends will never guide you wrong, and their advice follows nature of the Universe. Animal Totems offer a link to Mother Nature, and through them you can appreciate life differently. They help inspire you in your daily struggles, or comfort you when you face adversity.

However, your spirit animal may also reveal themselves in physical plane. You may see it reflecting against mirror, or an image of your animal appearing multiple times. It is important to answer its call, as your guide has something to impart. Record in your journal events and outcomes, as they are important lessons you can return to later.

Animal Totems In Different Cultures

Every culture practices animal totem meditation differently, Chinese keep sculptures of their spirit animals at home, offering them food and water, and the occasional treat. When you have a Spirit Animal, knowing its interests and likes will help endear it to you easier. Good relationship between you and your Guide helps you understand their actions and intent better, as words are not the main method of communication. Spirit Animals communicate via dreams, emotions, images and understanding them will be helpful.

Other cultures like Native Americans usually make their own sculpture they can carry around like a charm. Native Indian Americans make their own charms after connecting with their spirit animal, to create a likeness make a stronger bridge connect themselves and their guide. It is easier to carve out of wood, but it is not uncommon to find a stone carving of an animal totem. Similar to Chinese culture, you benefit from Spirit Animal’s guidance and help in life.

Our animal totem guide chooses us, meditation is a method you can use to connect to your Spirit Guide. Your spirit animal can come to you in many other ways, meditation is easier for you to reach them initially. Once you have a good link, you spirit guide can then help you whenever you need it.

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