Sunday, August 1, 2021

Advice On Feng Shui House Plans

Perfect Feng Shui Plans

If you’re a home buyer and are conscious about selecting one that is of good Feng shui, then the house plans will be something that you want to be picky about. Feng shui house plans are something of a science and hitting the right marks can create a very cozy living environment for you and your family.

Tips For Good House Plan

There are many different aspects and principals that relate to having a good house plan and many of these things will touch on the topics of astronomy, geography, and mathematics.

While it will take years for someone to truly understand and master Feng shui based on the concepts of these three things, you can still easily follow some simple guidelines when browsing potential houses to buy. There are certain things to look out for.

A thing that you should take note of is the location of all the bathrooms in the house. All of these places should not be visible from the front or side of the house. Good Feng shui house plans would have all the bathrooms located towards the back of the house or make it so that they are only visible from the outside if you standing at the back of the house.

If the house you are looking for is multi-storied, then you should see if there is a bathroom located directly above a recreational room. The ideal Feng shui plan is to not have any bathroom located above entertainment and recreational rooms in the house.

In most cases, the entertainment room could be a family room or living room and so if the house plans have a bathroom located above any one of these other room then it is not good Feng shui.

When you examine the house plans for the bedroom, you should make sure that the bed in the bedroom will not be located in such a way that they are only able to place so that top or bottom of the bed points towards the bedroom doors. Additionally, there should be large rectangular windows in the bedroom to allow insufficient sunlight and make the room look more alive during the day time.

The dedicated dining room in the house should not be visible from outside and it is Feng shui if it is. A very important Feng shui ideal that you should always look for when viewing house plans is where do the stairs lead to.

The direction of staircase

You don’t want stairs that lead outside to the main door of the house nor do you want the stairs to lead to a bathroom. Stairs leading to either one of these will indicate that good luck and wealth will escape the home and stairs that lead to bathroom or toilet will indicate that good luck and fortune will be flushed away.

The last thing to look out for is that you never want two doors to be facing each other. Having a two-bedroom door that is facing towards each other is not a good Feng shui house plan and design.

These are some of the things that you should look out for if you are ever planning on buying a new home and want it to have good Feng shui.

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