Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Pet Horoscope Reading for a Dog – An Example

Pet Astrology for a Dog

Astrological Profile


Breed – Toy Poodle Owner – Carol Panian

Sun ~ Leo Moon ~ Aquarius

Fire Air Element Type

How appropriate with Roxy being a Leo, that her color is red! Red for Fire! Talk about Leo Fire’s presence, pride, and attitude! This gal is absolutely certain she’s a human, somehow trapped in a furry red toy poodle suit. This Martian sense of self-importance and entitlement and comes from her Fire Air Element Type (her Moon is in the Air Sign of Aquarius).

She is no doubt aware of the advantages of being a dog (sorry, Roxy, but you do look remarkably like a member of the canine family). And speaking of family, one of the pluses of being a canine is that they do often end up being the most spoiled member of the family – certainly true in Roxy’s case. Just one of the perks – her mother’s desperate search to find the perfect food to accommodate her finicky taste buds (Mercury in Virgo – the dog, not the owner).

And Roxy never has to do the dishes, or clean up after herself after she’s taken every toy out of her overflowing basket of toys. She is often possessed with a fierce determination, obsession really, to find just the right one to suit her mood (Mars in Cancer). And this great perseverance is the result of her strong Fixed influence.

She not only has her Sun in Fixed Leo but her Fixed Aquarius Moon, not to mention her Jupiter and Pluto (planet of obsession) also in Scorpio. Roxy says, “After all, I am a “toy” poodle!” Then there’s her extensive wardrobe – Roxy is never at a loss for just the right collar and matching sweater or coat for a trip to the park. Which by the way, is her very favorite pastime.

Roxy does have her insecure side (Air Moon) and so many planets in the emotionally needy Western Hemisphere Signs, that she hates being left out, or left home, and like any good Leo, thrives on attention. And she can be quite judgmental (Martian Air Venus in Libra) about anyone competing for center stage.

This Venus and the fact that Leo tends to be possessive, she makes it clear to her Boston Terrier cousin – when she’s visiting at his house no less – that he should play by her rules. Buzzi definitely knows not to be too affectionate to her mother.

Yes, she thinks the world revolves around her, and like any true Leo, does require (okay, demand) the respect to which she feels entitled. Therefore, she would much rather be an only child and has little use for her sister, Dharma the cat. Roxy desperately needy of a loving and warm relationship with her owner – and selected others – however, she just wants it on her terms!

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