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Earth Symbolism & Meditation

Earth : Symbolic Meanings

Symbolism is everywhere. Many people just use it to dissect literature or cultural meanings of things. However, did you know that thinking symbolically may be able to help you in your own life? Symbolism can often be thought of as a way to relate the rest of the world to people. It is almost like personifying every aspect of our lives. By giving things human characteristics it is easier to understand how it relates to our own lives.

In this way, by learning about symbolism meanings we could learn to have a better understanding of the world around us. This article will be about the earth element’s symbolic meanings and how these meanings can help you to meditate better, just one of symbolism’s real world applications.


Earth Symbolism

There are four elements that are highly important when it comes to symbolism. Air, water, fire, and of course earth make up these elements. Each of these elements have their own special symbolism and traits that define them and separate them from each other. Earth element generally is said to have many masculine traits. Strength and power are some of the defining traits of the earth elements.

One of the other main aspects of the earth element is stability. With so much crazy stuff going on the earth always keeps turning and keeps itself stable. By applying some of the elements of the earth element symbolism to your meditation you can better feel connected to the element. It may even help you concentrate as well. Try to be strong and steady like the earth.

The Earth Meditation Process

Part of using the thought of the earth symbolism in meditation is realizing that you are not as steady as the earth itself at first. The world around you is crazy and intense. Luckily, meditation can help us to isolate ourselves from the crazy world around us. There are a few steps that we can keep in mind while meditating while thinking about the symbolic properties of the earth elements.

Firstly, you need to acknowledge that world around you is moving quickly. In the large scale of things, there is little that you can do about what it going on. There are many things in the world that are out of your control. Many people get anxious when they think about these things because they want to be able to help, but they cannot. You can make small changes when it comes to big issues. For this instance, in your meditation, stop worrying about the things that you cannot control. Clear your mind.

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Once your mind is clear think about the earth element. Focus on its stability factor. Focus and stabilize your breathing. Keep your breathing at a steady pace. One good rule of thumb is to breathe in for three seconds, breathe out for three seconds, and then repeat.

Imagine yourself being stabilized with the earth. Imagine your stress draining from the top of your head out from the bottom of your toes. Instead, try to take in good energy from the earth. Find your inner strength. Be strong and powerful like the earth. Be rooted like its plants. Yet, remember to be flexible like its soil. Be like the earth in these aspects and your meditation will leave you feeling more grounded and focused than you were when you started.

Earth meditation is a healthy process and a person can learn a lot from the symbolic elements. If you want to learn more about meditation, elemental symbolism, or any other type of symbolic meanings, then you can read more articles like this on here on SunSigns.Org.

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