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Mars In 3rd House Meaning: Curious About Ideas

Mars in the 3rd House Meaning: Wealth of Knowledge

Mars in the 3rd house shows the reason why you should always be good in whatever you are doing in life. Mostly, everyone will respect their decisions because you have accomplished certain things that no one expected from you. Equally, sometimes it is better to take your path because you are the only one seeing the good in it.


More so, Mars in 3rd House luck explains the reason why not everyone has the will to become successful in life. Everyone has their intentions and the difference is how they act upon and respond to change. Notably, you should not only think of change but try to initiate change and you will be lucky.


Mars in the 3rd House of the Natal Chart

What happens when Mars is in the 3rd House? These people are very sure when it comes to achieving their goals. The goals you have will push you to your destination someday. In other words, your goals will become your direction to the future that you want to live.


3rd House Also Known As the House Of Communication

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Mars In 3rd House Celebrities: Zinedine Zidane, Pope Francis, Patrick Swayze, Mark Zuckerberg, Victor Hugo, Elton John

Positive Keywords: Communicative, Knowledgeable, Direct, Bold, Enthusiastic

Shadow Keywords: Brash, Controversial, Overbearing, Melodramatic


Mars In 3rd House: Personality Traits

As your ruling zodiac sign is Gemini, you are not afraid to speak your mind and express your ideas. Effective communication is your strong suit. The Mars in the 3rd house meaning shows you have a vast wealth of knowledge, and you want to share all those ideas with the rest of the world. You can’t help yourself. Equally, knowledge comes with wealth when you apply it in the right way.

Mars in 3rd House Compatibility

Because of your direct nature, you may receive different reactions to your conversational style. Those who love a good debate, will jump right in and discuss your ideas and theories. For others who are not used to such a combative style, they may shy away from the discussion completely. (Read about Mars symbolism).

The Mars In 3rd House

Mars In 3rd House Astrology

The Mars in third house astrology predicts that you should utilize your animated nature for good. Then, other people will become enthusiastic about your ideas as well. You can be quite inspiring to other people.  You want to keep people engaged, so choose your battles carefully. Every battle you find yourself in indicates that you are experiencing something different in your life.

Mars in 3rd House Marriage

Generally, Mars in the third house woman is always passionate and has inspiring qualities that everyone should look up to. On the other hand, Mars in 3rd house man will have to become the head of the family and offer every support needed. Equally, the seasons attract one another and they can form a great family together.

Try to be informative without being distracting. This will allow others to join in the conversation more easily. Be confident and not overbearing. Then, you will bring other people to the table with no problem. The passionate Mars sign quality will not let you quit until you have made your point. This makes you very effective at problem-solving.

Mars in 3rd House Charisma

As long as you can maintain a balance of educational conversation without lecturing people, you will lead a healthy and productive lifestyle. You will always be surrounded by those interested in the same things you are, and even some who are simply curious about your ideas. The style you are using to become successful is the perfect one. Equally, every style is different and your style will earn you greatly because you are smart enough.

Mars In 3rd House Career

Mars in 3rd house personalities tend to be bold and brash when expressing their ideas. Some might even use the word controversial. You don’t back down from an argument and often start one when you think other people don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Be careful not to lose your audience over this kind of communication, for you want to convey your thoughts in the most effective manner possible. Use your ability to adapt to the situation to change the discussion and simplify the exchange of ideas. You get excited very easily over a heated debate, and that can deter people from joining in.

Is Mars in 3rd house Good or Bad?

Just be careful not to get too caught up discussing trivial matters. To you, nothing is trivial, but to others, it may not have a direct impact on their lives. And if you get too excited about it, they will roll their eyes and pay no attention to your excitement in the future. Also, excitement comes after you have done something good for your future.

The only trouble is you sometimes get too caught up in your thoughts to allow someone else to help you find the right answer. Be open to receiving different opinions while defending yours. Even though you often have good ideas, that doesn’t mean you are the only one. Allow people to bring their fresh ideas into the mix. Then, you will be able to find the right combination to overcome any obstacle.

Mars in 3rd House Wealth

You will never be without someone to talk to, whether it’s a more serious or playful topic because people enjoy the way your mind works. There’s never a dull conversation with you, and that’s what keeps them coming back for more. More so, every dull conversation has negative stories about someone else.


The Mars in 3rd house effects show your enthusiasm is usually a positive trait. But can get you into trouble if you become melodramatic in your expressions. Make sure to keep your intentions focused on teaching and spreading ideas over the flair in which you convey them. Besides, becoming positive in life indicates that you are willing to do something good for your future.

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