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Tarot Meditation For The Emperor Upright

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Meditation For The Emperor – Upright

This tarot meditation using the Emperor upright card will focus on the positive masculine aspect, and the benevolent ruling spirit. Prepare for this meditation keeping this in mind.

Set up a gold cloth with a yellow/gold colored candle (the metal covered ones can sometimes emit unhealthy fumes) in front of it. Once you have yourself properly settled in, meditate on the concept of stability, protection, and the loving touch of a male authority or father figure.

As you slip into this meditation, you will find yourself in the throne room of a well-loved King, the people in attendance will be smiling, happy, and joyous to be in the presence of their well-loved ruler.

You may hear a few people come before him, offering gifts and asking for words of advice, those he gives will always be balanced and well-reasoned.

This tarot meditation using the Emperor card will focus on the positive masculine aspect, and the benevolent ruling spirit.He hears the words of all, from the youngest babe to the most wizened elder. Throughout, he listens with equal attention, equal respect. He does not always guide them the way they wish.

But he guides them the best he can, in the best interest of all involved. As court closes you will see him descend from his Throne, happily walking amongst his people, chatting with those he passes near.

He will then tour his country-side, being hands on, seeing what is being done first hand to make sure his rulings are in-line with reality. He will give aid to those who need it, and take guidance from those who offer him their advice.

This Major Arcana card is never too much above them to hear what they have to say, and know that there are aspects of his Kingdom they know far better than himself.

He doesn’t let a single one of his people feel as if they aren’t important to the whole, and he recognizes this as being the case.

He does play lip-service, he honestly knows that for his Kingdom to run smoothly, it is required that all its parts are functioning, and therefore no single part is of less importance than any other.

When we see him at home with his family, you will see him being the loving husband, the attentive father.

The Emperor is the authority in his home, but he conducts all with love and tenderness. His primary concern is for the happiness of his family.

Throughout this meditation, pay attention to lessons that may be there for you. Are you ruling kindly where you have authority? Are there those in your life who could perhaps do better in being kind in their stewardship of others?

Record this information in your journal, think on these things, and pay attention for noteworthy things as you travel throughout the meditation.

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