Understanding The Capricorn Woman

Understanding The Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman knows where she’s going, and being an earth sign she is grounded enough to get there. Symbolized by the goat, she has a stubborn nature and is not thrown off the path easily. Anyone who tries may get stuck by her horns.

This alpha female is definitely a leader of the pack, and can stand against any adversity that gets in her way. She rarely loses her cool, making her one of the most dependable zodiac signs. She is solid and stable, which helps in every aspect of her life.

The Capricorn lady knows the value of hard work and does not shy away from it, whether in her career, friendships, or romantic relationships. She will pour her heart and soul into everything she does, resulting in many prosperous ventures.

understanding capricorn woman

Businesses often have Capricorn women at the helm, as she is most comfortable running the show. She leaves no stone unturned for any project, and ensures all is being done to make it successful. While she is perfectly capable of working with other people, she is a natural director who can delegate authority better than follow it.

The Capricorn female’s ambitions can leave others in the dust, but if you reward her efforts sufficiently she will go to the ends of the earth for you on any task. Nothing can slow her down once she sets her mind on something, and you will always get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Being friends with a Capricorn woman can be seen as an honor, as she doesn’t let people into her herd easily. Although she is at the center of the group, she respects the opinions of the group as a whole when it comes to accepting others into their social circle. The Capricorn woman cherishes her friendships, and will go to great lengths to maintain them. As long as you are good to her, she will be good to you.

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Because she is not overly emotional, others may think she is indifferent towards people. But those closest to her know better. They see how generous she is with her time and advice, so much so that she is sometimes seen as the “mother” of the group. While some may find her to be a bit tough or critical, others understand she only wants to nurture the best potential in her crowd.

It is this understanding that the Capricorn lady’s mate will have to possess in order to try and possess her. At first, a potential lover will come up against her stubbornness until she is comfortable with him. The second hurdle will be her safety. Her need for security is very important to her, so the courtship will be long until she feels you can provide a stable environment in which both of you can thrive.

That leads to the third obstacle – her ambition. She will be constantly trying to improve your situation, taking control over aspects of your life which you may not recognize immediately. But if you can show off your capabilities, and even help her to reach her goals, she will admire you all the more.

And once you are welcome into her bedroom, slow and steady wins the race. She may even let you take the reins, as she is not as emotional as other signs. But you will experience the most intimate love of your life.

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