Turtle Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Turtle Animal Totem Symbolism

There is a story that appears, in many cultures, of the world being carried on the back of four great elephants, who in turn stand upon the back of a giant sea-turtle. The Iroquois believe that we live on the back of a great turtle that cast off it’s shell.

There are many things that one associates with the Turtle symbol. How she moves along the sand in her ungainly hopping gait, to dig holes in the sand with painful awkwardness, that her eggs may be buried safely in the beach sand.

But though she may be awkward on the land, the Turtle is grace itself once in the water. She travels between the realm of the heavens, and the ground below, in the in-between space of the oceans waves.

Turtle is safe wherever she goes in this world, able to pull herself inside her home when the world threatens. The turtle as a spirit guide offers you this wisdom, to know that you can protect yourself from the bumps and bruises of the world within yourself.

Turtle Associated Traits

Symbol of the earth, rampant fertility, support, security, protection


Symbolic Meaning Of Turtle

Home is a powerful place, and Turtle will slip within when negative emotions threaten, to ride on the turbulence of rage, envy, and the behavior of those around her.

The turtle animal totem helps you move slowly throughout this world, observing it as it goes by, allowing slow steady work to drive your purposes forward. Even the act of putting her eggs in the sand speaks of this wisdom. They are put beneath the sand, given time to live in safety and security until they become mature.

Burmese Astrology Sign

Date of Birth:
Time Of BirthBefore 12 PMAfter 12 PM

She travels closely in touch with Mother Earth, listening to the tides of energy that roll over and around her. She takes the time to appreciate all that Mother Earth has made and provided, and uses this appreciation to carefully drive her forward.

The turtle symbolism can give us the strength and guidance to swim slowly forward, to complete tasks when we would otherwise find ourselves incapable of doing so. Sometimes calling on Turtle for her help is necessary, when we lack the fortitude to see a project its ultimate completion.

All of these traits come together to make Turtle a strong symbol of security. Home, patience, stability, and persistence are the foundations of a secure home and future, and Turtle teaches us these lessons so that we might create that stability in our lives.

Turtles influence in our world is profound, she travels the seas, and the seas connect everything in our world. With her influence so pervasive, there are many good lessons we can learn from her.

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