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Finding Happiness In What You Have

How to Be Happy?

If you’ve ever been to play a chance game or one of the jackpot games, you likely wondered about the good life. You might have to take a chance at a million-dollar jackpot just to live that kind of lifestyle – or do you? For some, a happy life is about the small things that matter. Here are a few points to keep in mind about finding happiness in what you have:

Finding Happiness

Mansion or Shack?

There was an article about a woman who lived in a remote part of Africa. She was cleaning up her shack. It was a tiny little mud hut with unfinished floors and she’d decorated the walls with newspaper clippings. When the interview was conducted she invited the photographer and the host to sit on her floor. Her face glowed from one side to the other and she didn’t even have all of her teeth. Take your African astrology test.

What was missing? According to her, nothing. You see, for her, to have that tiny shack and a clean floor made her feel like a million dollars. She was happy and felt accomplished, and all it took was a tiny roof over her head. She was proud.

On the flip side, there was a story about a man, David Edwards who won $27 million only to have his friends try to steal his money and sue him as they faked injuries on his property. He thought the money would bring happiness, so he bought the biggest mansion he could find.


But what he found was that even though he had millions, his family was still miserable, he got tired of them asking for loans, and he eventually went back to the bad ways. Another winner, Abraham Shakespeare was a million-dollar winner who was killed by a close friend who stole his money, proving that money doesn’t always bring happiness. It can bring out the worst in people.

Tips to being happy: Let go of the negative, don’t hold onto hurt feelings, be open with others, have fun, and share with people who care. Always see the bright side of things!


Millions of Friends or Only a Few?

For some, happiness is having millions of friends on social media, but ask any celebrity and they will tell you that it can be a nightmare and very offensive as paparazzi will push their way in to get your picture. Just ask George Clooney. Paparazzi sent a drone with a camera to the window where his newborn babies were sleeping.


Having a few friends can make someone very happy. Just ask the little autistic boy, Robbie, who lost his mom and just wanted to see rainbows. All he wanted was rainbows, so his aunt and remaining family went online and asked people to send rainbow pictures to make him happy. Robbie lost his mom to gastroparesis and cystic fibrosis. Because Robbie couldn’t find a rainbow, they sought out people online to give him rainbows and he received thousands of them!

Tips to being happy: Help the less fortunate, be kind to strangers, respect others, be generous, and smile more!

Finding Happiness

Lots of Families or No Family?

Some people in the world have families that are much bigger than others. Ziona, who lives in the Baktwang village, has a record of 39 wives, over 94 kids, and 33 grandchildren. Think that’s something? Luiz Costa de Oliveira has over 50 kids and well over 100 grandkids. A Brazilian man in his 90s, he worked as a farmer and still lives in a small shack. He even fathered 15 kids with his mistress!

On the flip side, there are children all over the world who have never been held by a mother, never played in green grass, never had 3 full meals a day, and never had their clothing. In some parts of the world, there are babies in orphanages that were never held at birth. When a baby isn’t held and loved, they can become insecure because they don’t feel the comfort of a mother’s touch, but just holding a premature baby, can help them to grow as they feel the heat from the human body and hear the heartbeat of another person.

Tips to being happy: Listen to others, don’t repeat past mistakes, get outdoors and exercise, eat healthily, and frown less!

As you think about what makes you happy, know that you don’t have to have a mansion or celebrity status. While it might be great to take a chance at winning a jackpot, sometimes happiness is being happy with just what you have!

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