Wedding Date Calculator

Wedding Date Calculator

The wedding date calculator is a tool designed to aid one in determining the effect of their wedding date on a marriage. For those who are still single it can be used to determine the best date for a wedding under numerological principles.

The Wedding Date Calculator can be a great tool to help you understand certain aspects of your marriage. Get your free online Wedding Date Calculation immediately.

In 2014 – 2015 in many ways things such as etiquette have gone by the wayside. However when we look at planning a wedding the arbiter of social graces Dubrett still has some recommendations.


Marriage Vibration Calculator

Date of Marriage:

The time frame required to set up a wedding is still usually a minimum of six months. Equally one must be sure that the venue for the wedding, the members of the wedding party and the most important guests are available for the selected date.

A wedding date calculator is designed to determine the best date for a wedding. This does not mean that another day cannot be chosen but it does indicate that there are many favorable factors for the date selected by the calculator.

This is actually a use of numerology that is based on both the date of birth and the name of the two individuals involved to create a compound formula that speaks to the karmic influences and the intention.

It is commonly believed that numbers have a huge influence on marriages. In numerological studies every number has a special vibration and these can affect the events of the day.

Wedding numerology can help provide an awareness of the feel of the date selected for a wedding and any exceptional vibrations related to that day that may affect you, your partner and the success or failure of the marriage.

Also you will notice that the time of year or season may cause a wedding to have a different style. It is also sometimes wise to consider the destination where the honeymoon will be enjoyed to be sure you have a pleasant season there.If you were traveling to the Caribbean you would not want to arrive in the middle of hurricane season.

Marriage is said to be divine and not arranged here on earth but through heavenly intervention whether it is a love match or an arranged one.

In either case it is advisable to determine that the wedding date is an auspicious one. The announcement of the plan to marry is significant as well as the actual wedding day when the vows occur. These are both affected by universal energies.


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