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7 Feng Shui Tips for Houses on Slopes

Also, 7 Feng Shui Remedies For Houses on a Slope

Now, who doesn’t love the rolling hills, and the sharp-peaked mountains? And/or the sight of a fresh green slope hurtling down towards a ravine, a river, or a valley? It can be a refreshing, restorative, and sometimes awe-inspiring sight. But, for those in that situation, do not despair! This article is here to help. Check out the following 5 Feng Shui tips for houses on slopes to counteract the negative on the house with a slope:

These landmarks, in Feng Shui, have great value and importance, when they’re in the right area. But they can be a detriment to positive chi when they’re in the wrong place in a relationship with a building.


Good housing can be difficult to find and can depend on location, money, and many other factors. So, sometimes people find themselves living in houses atop high slopes and are suffering from the negative Feng Shui consequences. The worst area for the slope to be in is a downward descending slope in the backyard. The reason for its negative effect is that it pulls good chi away from the house and down the slope.


#1. Add a wall

Create a stone wall in the backyard that adjusts the level of the slope. It will help to decrease the harshness of the slope. The wall can be short and made with any number of materials.

Not only is it useful, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. It can add a very eye-catching aspect to the house. This may need to be completed with the help of a landscape company, but it could also be done DIY with the proper directions and materials.


#2. Plant a tree

Plant a very tall tree that is the height of the house so that it helps counteract the pull of chi that the downward slope has. Again, this can be done enjoyably and can add a lot to a house’s look and value.

Be sure to check if it’s okay to plant a tree there, and ensure it’s not on the neighbor’s property or blocking anyone’s view of anything!

Feng Shui Tips for Houses on Slopes

#3. Create a mountain-like effect

Similar to the wall, it can be beneficial to include a boulder or large rock formation in the back of the yard. Having mountains in the back of one’s house is most auspicious.


They are like a fortress and protector of the positive chi in the house, and they keep out the negative chi. So, place these rocks at the point where the back hill begins to slope, and they can act as the “mountains” for the home.

This will need to be done with a landscaping company because they can haul these large rocks, and can make them look nice as well.

#4. Build anything there

Not only can rocks be placed at the point where the hill begins to slope, but just about anything, according to the desires of the homeowner, can be built in that place. Consider building a large attractive fence, a swimming pool on top of a man-made hill, or even a shed or barn house.

All of these can act as barriers, similar to the mountain effect, and will help to counteract the loss of energy. Think about what would look best, and start towards that objective. This is the part where creativity can have its moment!

Feng Shui Tips for Houses on Slopes

#5. Get a landscape company

Many people make adjustments to their yard simply because they do not like its original appearance, but using a landscape company can be extremely useful when wanting to align one’s natural surroundings with Feng Shui.

Hire a company to help fix that slope. They can dig up the area and create a flat backyard or at least one that’s much less steep. Plus, if a landscape company is used, they’re the ones doing all of the hard labor, and they know how to make it look attractive as well. Here are tips to make a Zen garden.

Feng Shui Tips for Houses on Slopes

#6. Slope in the Backyard

Having a house on a slope can be inauspicious if the slope is in the backyard. There are many reasons for this negativity in Feng Shui. This particular issue is linked with financial hardships: loss or struggle, health problems, and even loss of loved ones.

But, not only could this kind of a location have a negative effect in those areas, but even logically, it may not be sound to purchase a house in that area. Consider the climate of the area. When it storms, will there be a lot of flooding that could cause mudslides or instability in the house? Will a house on a hill be a target for big storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes?

How about a snowstorm? These can turn lethal, especially if the house is in a lousy location. If the soil becomes unstable due to any kind of weather, that can dislodge the house and cause it to crumble and fall down the hill.

It can also be dangerous for the inhabitants of the home whenever they want to leave the house and go somewhere. Take these things into consideration when searching for a house to purchase. One option also is just to move!

That is easier said than done, of course, but it could be a suitable option if nothing else is working, and if it would be a similar price to make all of the necessary adjustments to the backyard of the house.

Feng Shui Tips for Houses on Slopes

#7. Buying a home can be a difficult thing to do

There are so many factors to consider, and it can get a bit overwhelming. And if the potential homeowners are also ardent Feng Shui followers, there are even more things to consider! Feng shui back during the beginning of its creation was being used to assess auspicious land areas for homes and towns.

Fengshui house on slopes


So, it’s not merely about where to place your mirror or how to turn your couch in the right direction. It also considers the natural world when finding the right spot for a house or any building.

The home is the most crucial place in a person’s life, so the Feng Shui lovers, should not “leave a stone unturned” when doing the proper research for their new home.

People should want their houses to be restful, restorative, life-giving places for all who enter it and spend time in it. It should not be a place where, due to its location, there are financial problems, health problems, or even loss!

That puts a strain on individuals and families that could potentially be avoided if Feng Shui is followed properly. Life is difficult enough without adding anything extra. So, check out the five Feng Shui tips if a house search is underway or if the residence has been taken up on a house with a large backyard slope.

They can be helpful and easy to employ! Start today, and start counteracting those adverse effects. Don’t let a downward backyard slope get in the way of a healthy and happy home!

There is a wealth of information on this topic. Seemingly, many people find themselves in this kind of situation. There will be no problem in doing the necessary research.

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