Frog Totem – A Symbol of Transformation

Frog Meaning – Discover the Real Truth

Frog totem are the perfect symbols of the life cycle. Each one goes through enormous transitions in each of its stages, symbolizing that humans must do this, as well. We go through physical transformations at various points in our life. But we must remember to evolve in our mental states, too.

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Sometimes we must make dramatic changes, just like the frog does. The frog’s transformative journey takes it into adulthood. To us, it symbolizes reaching the desirable state of enlightenment and contentment. Our journey is not complete without growing pains, and it’s best to accept and embrace this beforehand. Like the frog animal totem, we can take each struggle as an opportunity to learn. Frogs as spirit guides can also teach us lessons in fortune, renewal, reproduction, and purity.

The Symbolism of the Frog Based on Cultures

A range of cultures accepts the frog for differing spiritual symbols although many of them agree that a frog is symbolic of fertility due to the large number of eggs that females lay. Ancient Egyptians recognized the goddess of fertility, Heket, as donning the head of a frog. Celtic symbolism associated the frog with healing and cleansing because of it always popping out after rain.

In both China and Japan, the frog is thought to bring good luck to journeys and childbearing. By contrast, ancient Hindus viewed this amphibian as a signal of darkness.

Frog Associated Traits

Fertility, Renewal, Rebirth, Transformation, Change, Transitions, Restless

frog totem

Symbolic Meaning Of Frog

When the frog jumps into your life, it is an indication that your future will be full of opportunities. It will be a time of change and transition. Besides, the frog is there to help you keep swimming through some of life’s tough periods. Frogs want us to enhance and deepen our power of intuition to strengthen our connection with the spirit world. It is an empowering creature, regardless of its small size, and places a high value on personal power. As a totem for travelers, the frog offers reassurance and moral support during journeys and adventures.

If the frog is your animal totem, you must be a great listener and advice giver. Your family is important to you and will do anything you can to help one of them. Throughout life, you have maintained close and meaningful relationships with your family members. And the frog reminds us to keep up this pattern throughout the rest of our lives.

Above all, you have the uncanny ability to relate to others on a profound and personal level and always know exactly what to say. Frog people have true empathy towards all others. Furthermore, they will always do their best to assist those who are hurting in the healing process.

You may do this by enabling them to release their negative energy onto you to help them cleanse themselves and start fresh. In this way, the frog symbolism shows us that it can bear a lot more than we would expect.

The characteristic leaping of a frog meaning in your dreams may suggest your lack of commitment. Rather than sticking to something, the frog prompts you to notice that you are jumping from one thing to another.

Frog Totem and Dreams

What do frogs symbolize in dreams? To find out, keep reading. If you are trying to catch a frog in your vision, your life is in the process of changing rapidly. You may be trying to prevent this. Don’t be afraid of change. Embrace it, try it out, and, if it doesn’t work out, move on to the next. It is not to say that you should expose yourself to misuse without making a stand for yourself.

You may swallow a frog in your dreams. When this happens, know that you are holding back something that you need to say. There is something that is preventing you from expressing yourself openly and honestly, and you must figure out what it is to move forward.

You mustn’t hold yourself back from the truth, but be mindful of exercising tact and consideration when you do express your feelings. Don’t let negative emotions take control.

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