Cardinal Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Cardinal Animal Totem Symbolism

The vivid red color of the male cardinal spirit guide’s feathers is their defining physical trait, so it should come as no surprise that it plays a major role in its symbolic meanings. Their strong and clear voices also reflect an air of importance, going along with their regal attitudes and behavior.

Cardinals release a loud whistle into the air with sharp, distinct tones that command attention. This shows their importance in the wild and symbolizes their grandiose power. Both males and females participate in the whistling, imploring us to channel both our masculine and feminine qualities in order to balance ourselves out.

The cardinal animal totem can teach us how to express ourselves equally as confidently as they do, as well. They are not meek and aim to teach us to have a stronger, although not threatening, presence. The common name “cardinal” is even taken from that of the high Catholic bishops.

Cardinal Associated Traits

Strong, Bold, Confident, Power, Grandiose, Focus, Superior, Loving, Proud, Hope, Cheerful, Energetic, Helpful


Symbolic Meaning Of Cardinal Bird Totem

Like all other creatures of the sky, these birds are symbolic of the element of air and all of the associations that come with it, such as focus and higher thinking.

Those who can best relate to the cardinal and claim it as their spiritual totem are typically highly energetic and helpful toward others in any way that they can be. In addition to energy, focus, and nobility, the cardinal spirit guide represents the spiritual values of hope, cheer, pride, love, and renewal.

Unlike migratory birds that move south for the winter, cardinals continue to live in winter months. Their red coats are bold against the white backdrop of the snowy winter, symbolizing the passion, warmth, and animation that still live inside each of us, even during dark and cold times.

The cardinal spirit totems do not practice seasonal cycles; rather, their lives are year round and they brave the elements regardless of what mother nature chooses to throw at them. Because of this, they are in tune with the number twelve, as in the number of months in a year, and this numerical theme pops up across cardinal symbolism. Their dedication to withstanding the changing seasons demonstrates their ability to renew themselves without changing their environment, showing their vitality and well-roundedness.

Native American Astrology Sign

Date of Birth:

The cardinal animal totem flies into our lives when our sense of pride as been thrown off balance. As a totem, the cardinal reminds us to hold ourselves with pride. However, this type of pride is noble and graceful, not egocentric. Take a look at how you are carrying yourself and asses which type you are demonstrating. The cardinal symbolic meaning calls upon us to channel our inner regality, holding our heads high regardless of circumstances, and always exuding humble confidence.

This August bird is always available if we allow it to float into our consciousness. We can call upon it at any time, but it is especially helpful when you are feeling dark and low. In a literal sense, this is bound to happen during the cold and barren winter months, during which the cardinal demonstrates its true strength of character and resilience. This bird can be your ultimate pick-me-up, energizing you and giving you the boost you need to get back on track.

Above all, the dignified cardinal symbol speaks to us of recognizing our self-importance. It reminds us that, no matter what the time of year, there are always opportunities to be found in order to gain spiritual enlightenment and progress toward our goals. We should take care to always remember our life’s purpose(s), no matter what circumstances we may find ourselves in.

Regardless of what is happening in our lives, we must remember to fight the dullness and mundanity that can arise by adding color, energy, and vibrance whenever we can. By staying in touch with our masculine and feminine sides, fighting off the lethargy of “winter-like” times, and remembering to carry ourselves with pride, we enable our creativity and intuition to flourish.

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  1. Very cool I have 2 cardinals and a mockingbird outside my house 24/7 chirping and singing and getting my attention..I go outside and they come perch near me and sign to me.. I think it’s my dad’s relatives that have passed on,letting me know to be strong and they are watching over me..thank you Angel’s for the beautiful things and offerings and messages..I’m in gratitude

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