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8 Ways To Be Spiritually Fit

8 Ways To Be Spiritually Fit

Spiritual wellness is crucial for a happy and healthy life. While there are many ways to become your strongest spiritual self, here are some of my favorite ways to ensure that my spiritual muscles are being flexed daily and that I am spiritually fit.


  1. Meditation

A very effective way to increase your spiritual awareness and create a positive mindset for your day is to start every morning with a meditation practice. Many forms of meditation to be spiritually fit do not require a significant amount of time in your day. By internally focusing on the present moment, you are better able to control your emotions and thoughts. By focusing on your breath, you train yourself to be aware of your body and its surroundings.


Many meditation apps are available for free download. Another effective form of meditation is to repeat a personal mantra. A mantra is a sacred sound or phrase meant to be repeated either out loud or in your mind. The right mantra can assist you in building your confidence, overcoming anxiety in stressful situations, and helping manifest feelings of love.

Some examples of a strong mantra: “I am attracting all of the love that I deserve” and “I am strong. I am enough. I can do this.” If meditation and mantras speak to you as an effective spiritual practice, you can find groups of like-minded individuals online. Joining a meditation challenge is a great way to make this practice a part of your everyday life.


  1. Freely Offer Forgiveness

By making a conscious effort to change your attitude about a tough situation, you can focus more freely on your spiritual self. By offering forgiveness, you are taking back any feelings that you have not been in control of.

This enables you to feel at peace and focus your energy on more positive practices. Forgiveness frees you from taking your negative feelings and dragging them into the positive parts of your life. Practicing forgiveness will allow you to experience truer joy in all things.

Start by creating empathy for the person or situation that hurt you. Allowing yourself to feel compassion for those who hurt you is an incredibly freeing practice. Then, choose to be grateful for what the situation has taught you.


  1. Commit To A Yoga Practice to be spiritually fit

Do you take the time to breathe and stretch during your day? Yoga is an incredible way to practice purposeful breathing while keeping your body fit. Yoga offers you a full experience to connect your body, mind, and soul.

Because yoga helps to stimulate all of the body’s energy centers, it encourages you to create a deeper sense of appreciation for your body and mind. In addition, it helps you learn to honor your body’s limitations and boundaries while strengthening yourself physically.

You can join a local yoga studio, or you can practice at home. Restorative yoga practice in the evening can help you to achieve an amazing night’s sleep.

  1. Listen to Spiritual Leaders Through Podcasts & Books

Immersing yourself in the knowledge and wisdom of spiritually enlightened teachers will offer you a new sense of excitement and learning. Often podcasts will include special guests with powerful spiritual insight.

TED talks are another entertaining way to sew spirituality into your daily routine. What you take in, and listen to, can significantly affect your mood for the day. Rather than listening to a Top 40 radio station while you get ready in the morning, choose to tune into a podcast. This small change will influence you most positively. You’ll love it!

  1. Get Into Nature to be spiritually fit

Going for a walk in your neighborhood, heading to the mountains for a hike, running your toes through the grass, or even dipping your feet into the lake are all wonderful ways that you can reconnect with nature and experience the relaxing effects. Close your eyes and take in the sounds of nature.

6. Volunteer Your Time

Giving your time and talents to others is a selfless way to build your spirituality while investing in others. By immersing ourselves in the lives and needs of others, we can truly learn to empathize with the challenges that other people are facing.

Being generous with your time allows you to be a better version of yourself. If you choose to volunteer with a group or charity that stands for a cause close to your heart, the benefits are even greater.

Giving back to your community is an incredible way to stand outside of our own needs for a moment and truly appreciate all that we do have. Being a positive influence will make you feel better about the world that you live in.

  1. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is best described as being thankful for all that you have and showing your thankfulness. By acknowledging, through thankfulness, all that we have – we open ourselves up to greater and continued blessings. There are many ways that you can practice gratitude.

  • Please write it down. Keeping a gratitude journal will allow you to remember and look back on all of the amazing things that the Universe has brought your way. If you are feeling down, you can flip through the pages of your gratitude journal and recall every blessing. Even the smallest blessings are worth writing down.
  • Thank someone. This could be in the form of a handwritten note, a text message, or a phone call. Showing appreciation to others is an immediate way to express your happiness and positively influence another person. You can even thank your higher being for all of the amazing things happening in your life. And, don’t forget to thank yourself for being open to positive change!

    8. Spread Positivity on Social Media

In a world where most people take to Facebook and Twitter with their woe, you can choose to be a light! Make a conscious decision to only post positivity for 7 days. You will see an immediate change in how your friends and followers communicate with you.

Understanding the power of positive social media posts is incredibly important. Before you post – ask yourself what the tone of the information is and why you are sharing it. How will the reader feel when they come across your post?

How will they react? If it does not generate positivity, think twice. By doing this, you are not only changing your daily thoughts, but you are also influencing the positive thought patterns of others.

Your words and actions should always be in alignment with the spiritual outcome you are trying to achieve. When all of your spiritual changes come together, you will see a significant change within. You won’t regret it. I promise!

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