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Candle Magic – Binding Another From Action

Binding Others Candle Magic

In Candle Magic,, the energy you are calling in can bind to the wax, and that wax can be used as a powerful agent to represent your intent. In history, wax was used to seal important documents.


This was done to protect them from those who would peek at sensitive information. And to provide proof that the document did arrive without being tampered with. This candle magic spell calls on this concept to cease another from acting against you.


Candle Spell Components

  • Black Candle (Binding from harm)
  • Orange Candle (Closing the Door)
  • White Candle (Protection)
  • Ihwaz Rune (Defense)
  • Algiz Rune (Protection)
  • Uruz Rune (Weakness)
  • Vervain Essential Oil (Binding)
  • Sharp implement for marking the candle
  • Black yarn
  • Paper and Envelope

Candle Magick To Bind Another

To begin this magical work, you will write the name of the person you wish to bind from causing you harm on a piecetheper and a description of the circumstances and events surrounding their ability to harm you. Having done so you will place it on a plate.


Write the banishing rune Nauthiz, and the weakness rune Uruz upon it. You will then mark the candles with these same three runes, along the base. Starting with the Uruz rune, then the Algiz rune, and the Ihwaz rune, from top to bottom.


Having done so you will take the vervain oil, and seeing the person bound in chains preventing them from harming you, anoint the oil from top to middle, and from base to middle with your fingers. You will then  the base of the candles, place them atop the envelope, and ignite them.

Candle Magic

The candles will slowly burn, letting their wax drip down the sides and forming a mixed pool upon the envelope. You will want to have the candles placed along thso e flap that seals the envelope, so that the wax will pool here, sealing it further.

Attend to the candles until they have burned out, and let the last of wax cool to hardness upon the envelope. You will then take this envelope, and wrap it in a length of byou yarn, tying nine knots in it as you do so.

At this time you will take the envelope, take it outside, and bury it in the soil near the roots of a tree, letting the natural energies of the earth and the stolid fastness of the tree to bind and hold your enemy.

If the confrontation between you is long-lasting, and you wish them to be forever barred from harming you, it may serve instead to do a crystal magic-based binding.

This kind of work takes advantage of the permanent nature of the crystal. Another option is to, once a month, do another binding spell of this type upon them, and begin burying the letters together in the same location.

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