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Otter Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Otter Animal Totem Symbolism

Otter is most known as being the powerful symbol of being child-like, and taking pleasure in the joys and exploration of the energies and personalities of our youth. The Otter plays in the waters of life, and doesn’t ever seem to let the stresses of life get in the way of remembering that enjoyment, play, youthfulness are all of major importance in truly living.

The Otter meaning may appear in your life to tell you that you need to remember the purpose of joyfulness, that remaining upbeat is the best way to pursue relationships both old and new.

Otter always accepts the presence of ‘what is’ in our lives, and celebrates what is. If it’s a bad experience, then find the good within or around it, and focus on that. Otter lives in the ebb and tide of the waters of life, and that is Otter’s lesson.

Otter Associated Traits

Imagination, Healing, family, Wisdom, Love of the young, playfulness, creativity, loving memories, laughter, curiosity

Symbolic Meaning Of Otter

With Otter in our lives as a spirit guide, we are reminded that both our success, and the success of others are both things to celebrate. Otter is not selfish, and her gratitude and kindliness makes it impossible for her to be mean to others. When Otter gives criticism, it is given to open up and light the path to happiness and joy in your life, never for cruelty or vengefulness.

Otter is openly curious about everything, and thus having Otter as your animal totem will find you learning and exploring all of life’s curiosities. Otter is as curious about all of life and the people in it, and thus goes about setting up a place in their life for people very openly and easily.

If you find yourself having difficulty traversing life, you may try to embrace Otters philosophy of going with the flow and riding the tides of life.

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Once one has learned to navigate the emotional tides of life with ease, the rest can be handled with ease. The key to this is embracing playtime, having fun with life by maintaining a positive attitude, and remembering that family is of paramount importance.

The Otter is very communicative, and this translates into playfulness and keeping the family close. Otter is full of female energy, partially due to the tight connection with the water in which Otter spends her life. But in addition to this elemental tie, they are also tied to sisterhood and sorority, so pull close with those around you to embrace Otters energy.

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